Woman Crush Wednesday || Q & A Featuring; Jocelyn of Dress Me Blonde

I believe that along this journey called life, we sometimes meet people who are placed in our path for a reason.  They are either meant to be in our lives to help us, guide us and in some capacity make us stronger. I am so grateful for everything and everyone who I have crossed paths with on my journey.  Some I would not like to pass by again, but others I feel so thankful that for whatever reason they are in my life and a part of my journey.

With all of that being said, I would like to share with you my Woman Crush Wednesday, or just crush every day to be honest.  I have NO IDEA how we found each other in this huge World, but I remember when Dress Me Blonde (Jocelyn)  started showing me support on my Instagram.  I remember she stood out because of the amount of love she was showing me.  When I went her page, I was shocked.

This may make me sound crazy but she was one of the first “fashion bloggers” to follow me and at the time, me only being a weight loss page I was blown away that someone like her found inspiration and motivation from me…ME!  I used to look up to fashion bloggers and hope to someday be able to not only buy their clothes but eventually share with the world my love for fashion too.  Being over 500 pounds, I never thought that fashion blogging would be a possibility for me.  So when she started following me, A girl on a journey of self-love and weight loss, I was blown away.

Dress Me Blonde is a BIG reason why I am the person I am today and why I am sharing more of…ME.  When I first started my social media and blogging I used to be afraid to really  share much more than just weight loss, but ever since we connected I felt like she pushed me and helped me to nurture those other passions of mine, fashion being one of them, and inspired me to take that leap and begin showing that side of me. She made me feel like I could do it too.  For that, I am truly so thankful to her.  For helping to push me out of my comfort zone and take another leap of faith into another unknown world and continue to show the world exactly who I am and to continue being exactly who I wanted to be.

Shirt Twins @dressmeblonde (left) @jacquelineadan44 (right)

We must love and celebrate those kinds of friendships and always remember those who helped build us up, and not tear us down.  “For helping water another person’s garden does not stop your own from growing.”  Women who support other women without the fear of comparison or jealousy are amazing to me and Jocelyn (Dress me Blonde) is a true example of a powerful woman who definitely helps raise others up and lends out a helping hand whenever she can.

I thought it would be fun to share with you guys people who help inspire and motivate me.  I share a lot about my own personal journey and how I not only lost over 300 pounds, but how important it is to love yourself, but fashion is a big part of me and my story, and connecting with Jocelyn has taught me even more about myself and my own sense of style. (plus our style is totally similar and we have even been twining a handful of times which I love)

I decided to ask someone who motivates me some questions not only about fashion but self-love and being true to who they are as well.  I wanted to do this so that you can get someone else take and opinions on topics that I hold so near and dear.

So without further ado, let me introduce you to my friend Jocelyn.

“Hi! I am Jocelyn, the face of Dress Me Blonde. I am from Orange County, California, and currently live here with my Instagram husband and our two little boys!

I may be a boy mom, but I am a total material girl!  I love keeping with the latest trends, sharing my favorite looks, and having fun with my wardrobe. But what I love best-is a sale and a good deal on a highly-coveted item I have been eyeing!

Some of my other interests include binge-watching basically anything, bottomless chips and salsa, long days spent at the beach, and weekly trips to Disneyland.

I believe that there is beauty in each and every woman and that every day is a treat yo’ self day!”

Here is a little Q and A I did with Jocelyn

1. Who is your biggest inspiration/favorite designer and where do you find your inspiration to create your own style?

This is something I get asked often, and it always stumps me. I feel as if a lot of others will right off the bat be able to pinpoint their source of creativity, or favorite designers. For me, it always makes me self reflect, and be like “but WHY do I like that?!” I have tried to be more self aware lately, and honestly my inspiration comes from the most random things. Often times, I will see a color scheme and it will just resonate with me. A lot of times the texture of a material, or the movement of a piece of clothing will have a far greater effect on me than the brand name of the item. For me, it is all about how I feel about myself in my style. Do I feel empowered, confident, secure, and do I feel my best self? If all of those boxes are checked, then I am good to go.

2. What made you decide to start a fashion blog and what is your favorite part about blogging?

Honestly, this sorta fell into my lap. I have always had a love of shopping and clothes, but never once for a second thought I would be a blogger (it still feels so weird to say/type that). I was the girl who graduated HS early, because I needed a jump start on my premed education, and studied Neurobiology. Funny how life is. About two years ago my husband and I got into a disagreement because he likes to buy domain names, and I think it is dumb. He had bought the domain name Hagglekat, and I still remember how mad I was at him. WHAT was he ever going to do with that site name? What a waste of money. A couple of weeks later he had something to show me, it was hagglekat.com a “blog” for me. But that’s not all. He coded a personal shopper bot for me on that site. Because I spent SO much wasted time online shopping, searching the web for the top items at the lowest price, he created this bot that pulled from my favorite stores and a few times a day would show the most sought after items at the lowest prices, and tell me when to buy. In short, the fight was over and I began to buy so much stuff online 🙂 Word of mouth traveled from friends to friends of friends, and pretty soon everyone was checking into the site and using it to shop. From there it just exploded. I eventually rebranded to Dress Me Blonde, because 1. Hagglekat is weird and 2. everyone thought my name was Kat. Today, the bot is being redone, and I am making it even better and more organized (i.e. ShoesdayTuesday and it’ll focus on shoe deals etc).

This. This is my favorite part! I have been so blessed to be able to connect and become friends with strong minded women from all across the world who continually inspire me, uplift me, and keep me going.

3.  What are some of your favorite places to shop/favorite stores/ favorite designers?

Hands down Nordstrom is my favorite place to shop. I love their customer service, and their rewards program. It’s my favorite multi-retailor because it has all of the quality brands at every price point. Also, it is super easy to walk into a store and be able to buy jeans, shoes, kids wear, and beauty in one place. Some of my current favorite brands are Frame Denim, Zella, Hinge, and Sam Edelman.

4.  What makes you feel most confident?  How do you find your own self confidence, especially on days when you are feeling discouraged or defeated?

I feel this is something every human being struggles with. I want to speak openly because I know everyone has these days. Yesterday I was feeling so discouraged. Just drained, all of the sudden I had an acne explosion all over my face, I got a mean comment online that really hit my self confidence (usually this doesn’t get to me, because hello social media is not real), and I was feeling in such a low bad funk. I have learned that for myself, it is ok to let myself feel these feelings and vent/cry if needs be. But only for a little bit, not all day. Whether it is to my husband, or one of my close friends, I will just speak raw and let out my feelings and my thought process. It helps if I talk through it, and hear myself from start to finish explain how I am feeling and WHY I think I am feeling that way. After that allotted vent/cry time I give myself, I force myself to reset. I feel as if everyone resets differently, and needs to go through the trial and error process of figuring out what works for them. I have friends who just head for a long run, or go see a movie. Those don’t do it for me. I do a little at home spa session for myself. Bath, hair treatment, a whole lot of face washes/masks, and even nails. The quiet time as I am busy in my own home does good for me and allows me to work through my discouraged feelings. More times than not, I end up laughing at the stupid little thing that made me have self doubt. I feel as if it is so important to remember that feelings can build up, and sometimes we just need to reset in the way that works for us—and that is so normal.

5.  If you are going to treat yourself…What is number 1 on your wish list?

Do I have to narrow it down to one 😉 Right now I would love a nice pretty new bag! I have been eyeing a Gucci bag and just might spurge on it!

6. What do you look for in terms of fit and style when you are putting pieces together to create your own looks?

I have a petite frame. So the fit of an item is so key to dressing my body. I love the boho maxi dresses, flowy tops, and tunics! But the reality is that maxi dresses will drag 2 feet too long, and those tops and tunics will be dresses on me. Besides that I seem to learn towards comfort and practicality. Yes, obvi I want something super cute and trendy…but in my day to day life it needs to function. I  am a mom to two crazy wild and dirty little boys, so a crisp white mini will not last long. I also shop with cost per wear in mind. Meaning, expensive well made denim is completely worth the investment, because you wear jeans all of the time. Even a  Forever21 $20 top that I will wear once, isn’t worth it to me. I don’t want to spend that much on wearing an item once. So I will buy a slightly more expense top that is well made and more versatile, and wear it more. Making my cost per wear less.

7. Do you ever feel like you compare/compete with others and if so what are some tips that you would give to someone going through this themselves?

I was prepping for NYFW (New York Fashion Week). I was so excited to be able to attend and go all out with my looks, meet some people in real life, and get a chance to be in the same room as some amazing designers. What started out as me prepping by pulling looks, turned to the ugly feeling of competition. There will be so many gorgeous bloggers there that are perfect. How will I ever stand out? I have found myself worried about the fullness of my lips, or the evenness of my eyebrows. Right in the mist of this self disruptive spiral, I got a message from one of my followers. Her message read: “ How are you always so perfect and well put together, you are gorgeous all the time!” When I got it I was wearing my leggings for a third day in a row, my hair was in the nastiest unwashed bun and I legit had zit medication all over my face. All of the sudden it smacked me right in the face. How could I be so blind, I am on Instagram all day long posting my best self and my high light reel. I know social media isn’t real. I let myself fall into the trap of thinking those girls looked just as gorgeous in real life that I was comparing myself to, as this sweet girl was doing the same exact thing when she messaged me. It is important to remember that that community always trumps competition. If I am feeling jealous or comparing myself with someone, I reach out to them. They are just as real as you and I and I promise they are human and they have felt those same feelings too before! Get to know them, promise you’ll see that they are just another human being and that everyone is different, and different is beautiful. **I actually spoke on this and shared on speech on my blog here: dressmeblonde.com/how-to-overcome-jealously-in-social-media/

8. What is your favorite piece of clothing or accessory?

In my real life it is yoga or stretchy pants! I wear them all day everyday! In my polished fashion looks, I love a good statement piece in each outfits. Lately, I have been doing that with a fun pair of earrings! My favorite place to get them is currently from Baublebar.

9. I know that you are big into finding beauty in each day.  What are some tips that you might give others who are struggling to find a more positive outlook and be able to really find the beauty in each day?

No matter the mood you wake up in, write a couple of things you are grateful for each morning. Leave your list somewhere that is visible, for me that would be my office. At first it may be stereotypical answers…family, food, friends. But as the days go on you will be able to boss your feelings and train yourself to look for new things each and everyday that you are grateful for. Even if you have the crappiest day, promise there is one teeny thing that will make your list. Second surround yourself with good people. Social Media is such a huge part of our day, and connecting with friends. Make sure you are exposing yourself to only uplifting friends on there. Sorry but that friend who posts stuff that makes you feel yucky? Unfollow. No harm no fowl. It is you, and you are the one who gets to be in charge of what you expose yourself to. I do a purge every couple of months 🙂

10. So I have to ask since we both share a love of Disney, what is your favorite ride at Disneyland?

Does Pineapple Whip count as a ride? I have always loved Big Thunder Mountain for as long as I can remember! It has never failed to make me smile and feel like a kid!

Make sure you check out Jocelyn’s blog Dress Me Blonde HERE

Thanks to Jocelyn for answering these questions and letting me get to know you that much more.  I hope everyone enjoyed reading her answers as much as I did! Thanks to everyone for taking the time to read this blog!





*All Photos on this post are from Jocelyn.  I did not take these pictures and she owns all rights and permission to these photos.

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