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Day 1 – Gift Guide for her (under $100)


I love shopping for my family and friends.  There is nothing quite like finding the perfect gift for someone.  Ever since I was a little girl I have always loved asking people what they were asking Santa for as well as making my own Christmas wish list.  As much as I loved seeing what Santa brought for me, nothing makes me happier than seeing a smile on your loved one’s face when they open up the “perfect” gift.  I have rounded up some of my favorite items this holiday season that you can add to your own wish list or give as a gift to any mother, daughter, sister, bff, grandma, wife, girlfriend or anyone special on your list.


  1. One.  Pajamas – I absolutely love receiving pajamas as a gift, especially during the holidays.  Anything soft, snuggly, and plaid…and I’m in!  Here are a few of my favorite picks in a few different sizes.
  2. Cute Christmas sweaters/sweatshirts – Im dying over these cute holiday sweatshirts that they have out right now.  Any Christmas loving gal would love these cute holiday tops.  I’ve linked a few options and sizes below.

  3.  Blanket – I am a sucker for blankets.  I think that I own way too many, if that is even possible.  You can’t go wrong with giving a blanket as a gift.  A good rule here is to go with something neutral.  If you know their favorite color, or the style of the person you are giving it to you can pick a color or print to match their home decor or personality.  I have linked two super cute neutral options below.  I just can’t with those pompoms…I just LOVE it!
  4.  Perfume – I love perfume and I also love how a certain smell can take you right back to a certain memory or moment in your life.  I remember the first perfume that Kevin gave me.  Every time I wear it, it brings back so many great memories.  You can always give someone their signature scent, or give something new for them to try.  One brand I listed below has been one of my favorites lately, this one is nice because you can sample multiple scents that they offer.  The other set is really cool because you get to sample a bunch of different scents and that person can pick out a full size bottle of their favorite with the certificate included.  
  5. Headphones – I think this is a very useful and practical gift.  They can not only be used to rock out to your favorite music but also during a workout.  I love listening to music while I workout which it also makes the workout go by faster.  Headphones are great because there are so many different colors and styles that you can find them to fit anyones style or personality.

  6. Shoes – Who wouldn’t love to open up a pair of shoes on Christmas.  I have always loves shoes and shoe boxes have a very distinct shape.  I always loved looking under the tree to see if I could spot a “shoe box” under there with my name on it.  I am seriously obsessed with these pompom shoes.  I know they aren’t for everyone but I love them!  I have also linked my favorite pair of Nikes.  They are not only great for running errands but they also are great for workouts too!
  7. Workout Pants – Working out has become a huge part of my life.  I love getting new styles, colors, and designs of workout gear.  I found that if I feel confident going to the gym, I have a much better workout.  There is nothing quite like the classic black leggings that go with everything.  I not only work out in them but I love paring them with different tops and dresses too.  I fell in love with the brand listed below and they offer a variety of different sizes and colors as well.
  8. Jewelry- Diamonds are a girls best friend!  I don’t think you can ever go wrong with giving a simple necklace, some cute earrings, or some trendy little midi rings.  Jewelry can really pull together any outfit.  I love mixing different metals and colors.  I have linked a couple of my favorite items below but the options are endless here.
  9. Hats – I have always loved seeing other people wear hats, and they look gorgeous.  I have never thought that I was someone who looks good in a hat.  A few years ago I was gifted my first had and I decided to give it a try, and now I love wearing them.  I think hats are a great gift because it may be an item that the person may not buy themselves. If they receive it as a gift, they may step out of their comfort zone and give it a try.
  10. Cookbooks – I think everyone can use a new cookbook. Whether its a crockpot/slow cooker book for people on the go or a specialty baking book for someone who loves baking sweet treats.  You can find a cookbook for every type of person.  Kevin and I love cooking and trying out out new recipes.   My mom recently gave me this cookbook and it is filled with TONS of healthy and easy recipes that we can’t wait to try.  The other book is from one of my favorite restaurants which has lots of delicious items that you can get in the restaurant or cook at home.




I hope that you find this gift guide helpful for any last minute shopping that you may still have left to do.  Let me know in the comments below if you have any other ideas or what is on your wish list.



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