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My Thoughts on Fashion, Food, Fitness and my weight loss and skin removal Journey

I have been struggling with weight regain and I have finally stepped on the scale and looked at that number.

This blog is going to be a tough one to write but I think being honest with you, honest with myself, and getting all of my thoughts and feelings out is only going to continue to help me heal. So, here we go.  I talked about weight gain in another post, you can read about it HERE.  But in this post, I wanted to go into more detail as to when I started gaining weight, some of the reasons that added to the weight gain, how I feel and what I am doing about it now. To begin with, I have been very hard on myself because of this weight gain. I even have days where I HATE myself and feel like I not only let myself down but others as well. I cannot believe that I allowed this to happen. I told myself that I would never be someone who fell into those typical statistics of people who lose a lot of weight and gain it back. I told myself that would not be me…but here we are. Getting to my Lowest Weight Early in 2016, before I started my skin removal journey, my weight was around 150 pounds. I had

Jacqueline Adan Before and After Weight Loss

What is your eating plan like now that you are locked in and you are actively trying to lose weight? I have decided to go back to Jenny Craig.

What is your eating plan like now that you are locked in and you are actively trying to lose weight? I wanted to write this post to answer some questions about my current “eating plan” and let you guys know of some changes I recently made about what I am eating. I have put this blog off for a few reasons. One reason is that I do not want to come off as I am trying to promote a company or product- because I am not. The second reason is that, as much as I love this company and feel it has an amazing program, I feel that they have not been super supportive of me over the years. So honestly it is hard to talk about them. But since I am so honest with you guys, I felt that I had to let you know what I am doing now in terms of trying to lose weight and what I am eating. For those of you who might not know, I joined Jenny Craig when I first began my weight loss journey. I was over 500 pounds and this program seemed like it was going to be the best fit

At Home activities for Preschool age children during COVID-19 shelter in place.

Ok, so this blog post is VERY different from my normal content. During this shelter in place, schools all across the country are closed and teachers are trying to teach from home, do remote learning, and children are stuck at home while parents try to help home school them. I have talked to several friends and I know a lot of families with kids at home have been hard. I know some schools are doing a lot online for their students, trying to keep their students active and learning online and teachers and parents are trying to do as much as they can to help their kids and students. it is hard for many of us right now… I get it! This topic hits home for me. I am a Montessori ore school teacher and teach children 2-5 years old. Online teaching is hard for teachers and students right now especially when so much of teaching is so personal connection.  The connection makes a big difference to be in person instead of distance learning or teaching.  Add in really young students and it has been hard.  A lot of our students do not have the attention span to sit

Shelter in place because of Covid-19? At Home Hair Care Q and A with My Stylist Diane.

I am so excited about this post and to share this information with all of you.  I had the opportunity to sit down with my amazing hairdresser, and friend, Diane, and ask her about some ways we can care for and take care of our hair, especially now that salons are closed, we are all quarantined at home and some of us (like me) might be struggling with taking care of their hair at home and what they can and should be doing.  A lot of these answers are super helpful for right now, but also apply for after quarantine is over and salons are open again.  Disclaimer- this is just my hairdresser’s personal opinion, as well as mine and I am sharing her opinions, products we both like, and what she suggests to keep our hair healthy. I have been going to Diane for over 15 years. She has been doing my hair since I decided to go completely platinum blonde and has been keeping it not only looking gorgeous but really healthy as well. Before we began this interview I asked Diane what the best way for me to support her was and what others