I can’t believe I am sitting here writing this.  I’m so excited!  I have always wanted to blog and start my own space where I can share and express my love for fashion, food, and fitness.    

 I am hoping that this blog not only becomes a place of fashion, food and fitness, but also a place of inspiration and motivation and believing that no matter what you want to achieve, with hard work, patience, and believing in yourself, you can achieve anything.  

To get things started, let me first introduce myself. 

  • My name is Jacqueline and I grew up in the beautiful San Francisco Bay Area.  I absolutely love it here.
  •  I have the most amazing fiancé, Kevin.  We have been together for almost 10 years.  On Christmas Eve 2013, we got engaged in front of the Disneyland Castle.  To say that was  a “dream come true” would be an understatement.
  •  I am obsessed with Disneyland and all things Disney and have been ever since I made my Disneyland debut in utero.  Yea…Disneyland is kind of a big deal in my family.
  •  My family means the world to me.  I don’t know what I would do without them.  I have the best parents who love and support me in everything I do.  I also have an older sister who has always got my back and would do absolutely anything for me.
  •  I am super close with my cousins and my cousins kids and have a special connection with them.
  • I am a HUGE San Francisco Giants fan.  I also love the Golden State Warriors.  Rumor has it that I may or may not have a slight crush on #23 for the Warriors (at this time I cannot confirm or deny this rumor)
  •  I LOVE shopping!  Makeup and fashion have always been a huge part of my life.  I have always been a girly girl and fashion has always been a huge part of my life.
  • I have always struggled with my weight and about 5 years ago I had hit rock bottom.  I found myself weighing more than 500 pounds.  
  • I have lost over 300 pounds by changing my diet and starting to exercise. 
  • – I now LOVE working out.  Exercise and fitness have become huge part of my life and I workout around 5-6 times per week.  I joined a gym and do some personal training as well. My trainers are awesome and I am so grateful for the friendships I have made with my trainers and work out group.
  • I love cooking and baking.  I also love testing out new recipes and finding ways to make “unhealthy” food healthier.  
  • I am a Montessori Preschool Teacher.  I love working with the children and being able to have such an impact on them.  One of my biggest goals is to help the children show kindness, love, respect and be polite to everyone no matter what their shape, size, age, color or gender.  
  • I am also a baker.  Kevin and I started a bakery where we offer cookies, cupcakes, cakes, brownies and other sweet treats.  We also love to do wedding cakes.  We are currently working on coming up with sugar free and high protein recipes as well.
  • I am a Kappa Delta alum and I love it.  My friends love and support means so much to me.
  • In July 2016, I had my first skin removal surgery.  I had a circumferential lower body lift with a “fleur de lis.”  In November 2016 I had my second skin removal surgery.  I had a circumferential upper body lift as well as an arm lift.  I will still be needing 2 (possibly 3) more surgeries.  These surgeries have drastically changed my life already.  My skin is not only causing medical issues, but it is also affecting my mental well being.  I still have a long way to go with recovery but I’m so happy with how everything is going so far.
  • I can’t wait to start planning my wedding.  I am so excited to go try on dresses.  My dream would be to have a Disney wedding.  

That’s it for now!  I hope you enjoyed getting to know me a little more!  Im going to go snuggle up under a warm blanket and watch Elf for the 500th time.  Be on the lookout for my 12 days of Christmas blog series starting tomorrow.  I can’t wait to do some fun, festive Holiday posts!




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  • Hi Jacqueline, I came across your blog after doing a google search with the phrase “ugly after weight loss.” I enjoyed reading about your journey. I went through a weight loss journey a few years ago. I was at 275 with a ton of emotional and hormonal issues. I found a hormone specialist and started treatments with bioidentical hormones and I also found out I had a gluten intolerance. I eventually lost 95 pounds. People have complimented me non stop. The problem is, I feel so ugly. My skin hangs off my face. My eyes and forehead are gaunt and wrinkly, and my cheeks sag around my mouth and I have loose skin hanging off my stomach like an apron. My husband, who is my rock, and my kids are extremely supportive. I just wish I could shut off the negativity in my head. Have you struggled with this and do you have any tips on how to deal with it?

    Emily 09.04.2019

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