Workout Q&A With My Trainer.

500 is a big number.  It is also never a number that I ever imaged that I would EVER see on a scale.  I remember that day so well.  I stepped on the scale for the first time in forever and it read 510.2 pounds.  I was sad, angry and devastated that my weight was so completely out of hand.  It was at that moment I decided that I needed to change.  I wanted to change.  But where do I start first?  


To be honest, it was a while before I really began working out and even longer before I joined a gym.  For me, the best thing was to break it down into parts, and not just jump right in and say “ok today I am going to lose over 300 pounds”.  I set small goals, and when I accomplished them, I set new goals.  That was the same thing with starting a gym.  I worked up the confidence in myself and my body before I ever thought about joining a gym or before I stepped foot into a gym.  But when the day came and I decided that I actually wanted to stop working out at home and face my fears and actually walk my booty into a gym, that was the day that my life and my body changed forever.  




I decided to join a bootcamp style gym where it was group classes of both cardio and weights mixed together.  There were a few different instructors and to say I was nervous is an understatement.  This is where we insert Bo.  Bo was one of the trainers at the gym and I immediately felt a strong connection to him.  He never made me feel out of place, and I never felt like he was judging me or making fun of me.  I could tell he genuinely cared about me and wanted to help me.  I think it is safe to say I became his favorite the moment we met hahaha So I feel grateful that he was just there and it felt like I was at the right place at the right time and feel so lucky to have him a part of my life.  I began doing one on one training with him and we were able to really focus on the areas I needed and actually teaching me correct form, technique and how the movements should look and feel.  I quickly began loving to workout and loved the changes I was seeing in my body. My first one on one session with him I was really difficult and I was completely drenched in sweat from head to toe and felt like my heart was going beat out of my chest and I was going to pass out on the floor and die (spoiler alert, I DID NOT DIE).  


Working out definitely got easier for me as time went on.  It has been 3 years now that we have been training with together.  Although my training is different now, there is one thing that is still the same is that Bo still kicks my butt and pushes me harder than I knew I could ever go and he makes me believe I can do it, even at the times I feel like I cant go on! 

I am not saying that you HAVE to join a gym or that you have to have a personal trainer, because I definitely know that you can lose weight and build muscle without ever stepping foot into a gym, but what I am sharing is just what I did and personally what worked for me.  What I did may not work or be the best thing for you, so know to yourself, listen to your body and do what is right for you!

Since I get asked all the time what I did to start working out, I thought it would be fun to ask Bo some questions about working out and fitness to get a trainers perspective on this topic of joining a gym and working out!  I also did a Q and A where I answer all sorts of questions about how I began working out over on my youtube if you want to check that out after you finish up here! ( (Top 10 Workout Questions and Answers Video)

I will also leave all of Bo’s info down below too so you can check him out or read more about him.  Ok lets get going on the interview!!

Interview with my trainer Bo 

Jacqueline – What is your favorite part about training?

Bo – My favorite part of training is interacting with people and getting to know lots of new people.  I love how I have the ability to impact others lives and that is very fulfilling and brings me a lot of joy.

J –  What got you into training?

B – My brother actually got me into training.  He began training himself and than began training others.  He was a gifted athlete so training came easy to him.  He kinda laid the path for me and made me want to follow in his footsteps.  I was overweight as a child and would get teased and I wanted to change my life from my childhood. 

 J – What would be some advice for someone who is just starting to workout?

B – Find something you are comfortable with. Walking, jogging, pickle ball, table tennis…let it be physical.  Walk your dog, whatever it is that you are comfortable with and progress it.  If you are walking, try speed walking.  It doesn’t have to be a gym.  Find what works for you.

 J – How do you find motivation to actually train yourself when you take so much time in training others? 

B- Seeing others success drives me to do it myself.  When I see others do 1 rep with perfect form, its like “I can do that.” 

 J – What are your thoughts on using he scale to determine your success?

B – The scale is a great invention.  It can cause extreme damage if it is used the wrong way.  Don’t gauge your success by it, but if you are going to do it, do it once a week and in the morning.  There are other ways to track your progress.  You can use your clothes or see if you are getting stronger.  Its not weight loss you are looking for, its fat loss.  There needs to be a fat and muscle balance.  Don’t live and die with the scale.

 J – What advice would you have for someone to start getting active?

B – Find a motivating factor.  Ask yourself why you want to do this.  Find something you like, like walk to the park to watch the sunset if you like sunsets.  Ask a friend, co worker, someone who will support you and help to keep you motivated and accountable.  Surround yourself with good people and people who will support you.

J –  What are some good low impact exercises?

B – I would focus on form and technique.  Form and technique is the most important and will help you shape your body and your muscular structure.  Break it down into what you can do.  If you cant jump, do step ups. Make sure you are doing full range of motions and if you cant do it, break it down into smaller movements. I would also recommend to consult with a professional to get an assessment of you and your body.  

J – What are your go to Pre and Post workout snacks or meals?

B – Sometimes I do not eat anything pre workout and will do fasted cardio.  Otherwise I will eat a banana or half a banana.  Something quick.  Post workout I like steak or chicken and love tacos- Tortilla, meat, beans and salsa.  

J – How does it feel when you see your clients success?

B – It feels really good, magical, and very empowering.  I just feel overpowered with joy and when I see them using all aspects of training and exercise from form, to breathing, and when I catch them pushing themselves or continuing to work even when I am not in the room…that brings me so much joy.  When I see them succeeding, it makes me want to go the extra mile for them.  I have no words, just pure and ultimate joy.

J – What are some of the biggest changes toy have seen in me, from the first day we met until now?

B – You were always doing what needed to be done.  You were determined to change from day one and you would do things without knowing why you were doing them but you kept going.  Now, you just have this confidence like I am going to do this.  You just kept getting stronger and stronger and kept moving forward.  When I see people regress or start to give up or quit, it really weighs on me as a trainer, like is there something I could have done to help them more.  But with you, you just had this constant drive for improvement and this I’m gonna do it attitude and you would do whatever it took to get there and nothing was going to stop you.  I saw that determination right away.  Now, you have the confidence to go with that determination. 

To Learn more about Bo head over to his website 






This interview with Bo was very insightful to me.  I learned so much from him during this interview and I am so excited to share some of his words of wisdom and some of the advice he is constantly giving to me which helps keep me motivated, and share it with you guys.  

No matter where you are on your journey to reach your heath and fitness goals, the number one thing I hope you can take away from this is that it is so important to surround yourself with loving and supportive people.  The journey for me to lose over 300 pounds was challenging, but with people like Bo who were always on my side and helped pick me up when I fell down and kept me moving forward helps so much. So find that support system,  Surround yourself with love, and always do whats best for you. Sometimes we have to go outside of our comfort zones in order to keep moving forward.  Trust me, a group workout class was scary…but working out 1 on 1 with someone…I think that was the scariest part!  But for me, I knew that scary did not mean impossible, and I wanted to prove to myself that I was stronger than my fears and that I could do what I once felt was impossible.  The beginning is always the hardest and scariest.  Now, Bo is forever stuck with me wether he likes it or not.  Find your passion, find good people, NEVER ever give up!  




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