Tips for Getting Started with Weight loss, Fitness, Getting Healthy…Really Anything










Something that many people say when talking about losing weight, getting fit or just getting healthy overall is   “starting is the hardest part.”  To be honest, I say this a lot too because it is true.  Getting started is the hardest part.  You also hear things like, “it will become so much easier once you just start”, and I know for me, when someone told me this….it was not very helpful.  If I knew how to “just start” I would not be in this position of needing help with where to start in the first place.  If it were just that simple, I don’t think people would ask this question as often as they do.

So yes, starting is the hardest part and yes it does become easier as you go…but how do you ACTUALLY just start?

Here are some tips that I learned along my journey and I hope they can help you too.  If you hear someone say, you just have to start, you know exactly what that means and you can then you can follow these tips to get yourself started.

Tips for Getting Started with Weight loss, Fitness, Getting Healthy…Really Anything

1. Make a Plan

Figure out what you want to do.  If it is losing weight, pick a program that you feel like you can stick to for the long term.  Learn all about that program or way of eating so you know exactly what you do.  Do you have questions about your program, such as which items you can or cannot eat? Figure it out before you start, part of having a plan is knowing how to execute the plan.

2. Be prepared

Make sure you are all set up and ready to go.  Go grocery shopping, stock up on your healthy snacks and meals,  Have snacks ready to go in the fridge so when hunger strikes you are ready.  Plan out your meals.  Write it down.  Know exactly what you are going to do and have everything ready to do it!  Set yourself up for success!

3. Get rid of your excuses

A lot of times we do not want to start because we don’t want to.  We either think we will fail, can’t be successful, or don’t really want to do it.  Admit that the journey is going to be hard, but hard does not mean impossible!  You have to want the results in order for the plan to work.  Ditch the excuses and all of the reasons why you are not starting and just get started.

4. Set small goals

Set small goals ahead of time and write them down.  I like writing down my big goals too, but with small goals, I think it is so effective because they are something that you can actually complete in a reasonable amount of time!  Instead of saying I want to lose 300 pounds, use that as a big gal, but set a small goal of wanting to lose 10 pounds.  Things that can happen quicker.  So who you rich those goals you feel motivated and like you accomplished something and it helps keep you going.  You can even plan out little treats when you hit these smaller goals (non-food related).  Writing down your goals is a great way to actually visually see what you want to happen as well as a great tool to look back on when you begin to struggle.

5. Know that you can do it

You have to believe that you can do it!  If you tell yourself you cant do it, then you won’t do it.  You actually have to believe in yourself and your ability and know that you are capable of anything!  Believing in yourself is the best way to start!!





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