12 Days of Blogmas. On the Twelfth Day of Blogmas.

Day 12 – Christmas Eve, Baking cookies for Santa.

 One of my new favorite Christmas Traditions is baking cookies with my two cousins for Santa.  Every year we bake and decorate sugar cookies as well as one other flavor that they pick.  We make whatever flavor they choose together from scratch, this year they chose snickerdoodle. 

 Kevin does a lot of the work while I get messy and have fun with the boys and my sister is usually taking pictures and laughing as we fool around and get flour everywhere.  I love watching the boys faces as the mixer brings the cookie dough together.  

 They always get to take a tiny taste before its baked and somehow there always ends up being more M&Ms or chocolate chips that make in into their mouth than into the bowl.  

Once the cookies are all baked we of course need to taste them to make sure that they are up to Santa’s standards.  Making cookies is a tradition that all of us hold near and dear to our hearts and look forward to around Christmas time.  

 A few weeks ago I was reminded by my 8 year old cousin that we might have a little problem on our hands.  When they came over for a visit after my surgery he asked how we were going to make cookies for Santa, if I was hurt and couldn’t move my arms.  Holding back the tears, I told him don’t worry, with Christmas magic in the air anything is possible and Santa will get our cookies this year.  

With a little extra help from my sister and Kevin, we were still able to have a successful cookie baking session.  I needed to take some extra breaks this year but the extra hugs, kisses and back rubs made it all worth it!   I can’t thank my family enough for all of their extra love and support over these past few years.  Spending time together and making memories like we did today is exactly what the holiday season is all about!



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