What is your eating plan like now that you are locked in and you are actively trying to lose weight? I have decided to go back to Jenny Craig.

Jacqueline Adan Before and After Weight Loss

What is your eating plan like now that you are locked in and you are actively trying to lose weight?

I wanted to write this post to answer some questions about my current “eating plan” and let you guys know of some changes I recently made about what I am eating. I have put this blog off for a few reasons. One reason is that I do not want to come off as I am trying to promote a company or product- because I am not. The second reason is that, as much as I love this company and feel it has an amazing program, I feel that they have not been super supportive of me over the years. So honestly it is hard to talk about them. But since I am so honest with you guys, I felt that I had to let you know what I am doing now in terms of trying to lose weight and what I am eating.

Jacqueline Adan Before and After Weight LossFor those of you who might not know, I joined Jenny Craig when I first began my weight loss journey. I was over 500 pounds and this program seemed like it was going to be the best fit for me. They give you three meals and a snack, the number of calories to eat and you only have to add in some fruit, dairy, and veggies. Easy. When I had a goal to lose over 300 pounds I knew I needed something that would not only work but still allow me to enjoy some of my favorite foods. I knew I had to make this a lifestyle change and change the way I viewed food, how I ate food, and how I labeled some foods “bad”. After much research, Jenny Craig seemed perfect for me and easy to follow. I needed all of the help I could get. They also give you a consultant so I would have someone to personally show me what and how to follow the program. Over the course of 3 years, I lost over 300 pounds…all by following Jenny Craig.

Jacqueline Adan Before and After Weight Loss and Skin Removal

Fast forward to now….I decided I wanted to go back on Jenny Craig.

I know I talk about how I regained some weight since I was at my lowest. Along with that regain I have been struggling with my binge eating disorder as well. I think as much as my skin removal surgeries were medically necessary and I would do them all over again in a heartbeat, I think those surgeries played into some of my current situation.  Not being able to move while I recovered and turning to food for comfort in those difficult times was something I had struggled with. I never REALLY went on maintenance with Jenny Craig so I never really learned how to maintain my weight without trying to lose weight or gain weight again. That was the next step and path for me but then I started having skin removal surgery, I never quite made it back to Jenny Craig to take those next steps. I thought I was “all done” losing weight and I could just eat whatever I wanted. I allowed myself to eat what I wanted because I deserved it while I was recovering from surgery. As I was healing from my surgeries, food began to become a comfort for me again. Not only was I physically recovering, but mentally I wasn’t in the most healthy of places either. Major surgery does weird things to your body, hormones, and mind. Over the years I did begin to put on some weight as I continued my skin removal process. Looking back now I realize that I had been turning to food as a comfort and to help me cope with recovery.

I had thought about going back to Jenny Craig for a while, but somehow I felt ashamed to go back. I felt as if I was a failure if I did. As part of eating disorder recovery, I was trying to stay away from “diets” and trying to just enjoy food. Avoiding a plan while trying to recover from my eating disorder quickly got out of hand and I just kept gaining weight. A little voice inside of head kept telling me to go back on Jenny Craig while another part of me kept saying “don’t you dare.”

What took you son long to go back on Jenny Craig?

I would be lying if a big part of why I didn’t want to go back on this program wasn’t because I was upset with Jenny Craig. Not Jenny Craig the person or even with my center or my consultants. I was angry at the cooperate part of this company. I have tried to work with them for YEARS. I wanted to go to different centers and help others trying to lose weight. I asked for coupon codes to share if anyone wanted to join then they could maybe get a small discount. I wanted to help give speeches, talk to others, and offer my help, support, and let others know how much Jenny Craig meant to me. I wanted to share how I created different recipes from some meals or how I fixed up some meals and made them better. I wanted to offer up and help anybody that needed it with all the tips and tricks that worked for me. I wanted to share what I learned while using this program and give it to others on the program. I wanted to help. Share how it how the program worked. To this day, it doesn’t seem like they care about me sharing my story or me wanting to help. After trying for many years, I decided to stop talking about the program that I used. I didn’t want to support a company that did not seem to support or care about me.

Not only did I feel like a failure for going back to Jenny Craig again, but I was also hurt by the company. The more time that passed, I kept re-gaining weight. I found myself feeling angry and upset while trying different plans and “diets” again…nothing seemed to be working for me. I couldn’t get myself into that “zone” and found myself struggling and to be honest, I felt down and out.

In the process of trying to find what worked for me I did begin counting my macros and I LOVED it. I finally found a program and a support system that worked for me. It was new, different and I felt good about this way of viewing food and my relationship with food.

As much as I loved counting macros and the program I was on, my body needed to lose weight. After going through many surgeries and dealing with weight gain, my body was really taking a hit not only mentally but physically. For years I have been struggling with fluid retention, fluid getting stuck in the loose skin, and not flowing properly. Then after removing some excess skin, fluid was not able to flow properly because of some scar tissue that was a result of my skin removal procedures. Add to the fluid retention, gaining some weight made everything became even puffier, more swollen and my body was really not happy now. It was more than just me not being comfortable in my own body and with my size…medically my body was having so many issues and my doctors and I needed to see if weight loss would help. All of these problems weren’t only fluid and puffiness from weight gain but that weight I had regained only added to my body not feeling well and not being happy. I might need surgery to address some swelling issues. I have gone to see several different doctors and plastic surgeons to get their opinions about how to treat the issues that I am facing. After getting these different opinions I decided I really wanted to try losing weight and see if and how much weightless makes a difference in my swollen/puffiness/fluid retention issues.

Do or Do Not there is no try Jacqueline AdanAt this point, my mind was set, and I just had to convince my heart to do what was right. What I felt was right for me. I had to put my own personal feelings about this company aside and do what was best for me. So I decided to join Jenny Craig again.

I knew the program worked and I knew my body liked it. I knew I enjoyed the program and the food and that it was easy to follow.

Here’s how Jenny Craig Works

I will give you a quick summary of what Jenny Craig is for those of you who may not know about the program
You meet with a consultant once a week to weigh in, talk about how the week went, and to pick up your food. They determine the number of calories you get based on how much you weigh, what your goal weight is, and how much physical activity you do. As you lose weight, your calories drop. You get pre-portioned foods from them for your breakfast, lunch, dinner, and snacks. They also offer shakes and bars for added snacks throughout the day if you choose. You add in your own fruit, veggies, and dairy. The amount you add is based on the number of calories you are on. Your personal consultant not only weighs you weekly but is there to offer support, motivation and can help you with any challenges you faced that previous week or any challenges that may be coming in the week ahead. Each week you have a one on one session with your consultant talking about the things you need help with. Some weeks the consultation will be quicker and shorter than others. It all depends on what you need. After the meeting, you get your foods for the week and off you go.

So like I said…easy to follow. The food is good and the program works.

I know many of you ask for Full Day of eating and recipes and while I will share that, at this time it is more difficult because my food is mostly Jenny Craig food. BUT I will definitely still share recipes of foods I love and what I love to eat.

Being on Jenny Craig is not something I will do forever. But I want to see if losing some weight does help with the issues my body is having. If losing some weight does not help then I will have to see what I need to do to help the problems my body is having, which might be surgery. I have been following the program for 10 weeks now and I know I am losing weight. Because of the shelter in place, I cannot go into the center so Kevin has been weighing me, but I am not looking at the number. Part of my eating disorder recovery is not looking at the number on the scale or having that number determine my success or how I feel about myself. I am focusing on being healthy and happy…while losing some weight. I know the weight will come off and right now the number does not matter to me.

How is this working with Shelter in Place and Covid-19?

Since the center is closed, I still talk on the phone with my consultant once a week and go to the center to pick up food. I open the trunk and she puts my food for the week in and away I go, contactless pick-up.  Weekly weigh-ins are still happening, but Kevin is doing them and keeping track of the numbers and I have no idea. I am feeling better, I am feeling good, and I am enjoying my foods and workouts and ultimately that is all that matters.

So yes, I on the Jenny Craig program again. I know this does not make me a failure and does not mean I messed up before and here I am again. This is a lifestyle, this is my journey. The journey doesn’t end it just keeps continuing to move forward. This is part of my story is right now. I am focusing on loving me, taking care of myself, doing what is best for my body. I am not going to let this bump in the road with the weight and swelling issues stop me now. There is no starting over, there is just continuing to move forward. You can not fail if you never truly give up you did not quit, and I never have and never will give up.

I am so sorry I do not have a code to give you or a special discount to help you if you decide you would like to join or try Jenny Craig…I really wish I did. The best thing to do is talk to your center, tell them I referred you, and see if they can do anything. Sometimes they do offer a friends and family referral discount/offer. I wish I had the opportunity to work with this company and help others who may be struggling….maybe in the future.

This is a current typical full day of eating while following the Jenny Craig program

Breakfast- Jenny Craig toasted bagel with added outside reduced-fat cream cheese and coffee with nonfat whip cream
Snack- apple and peanut butter
Lunch- Jenny Craig turkey burger and a side of carrots with salsa
Snack- grapes and protein bar
Dinner- Jenny Craig Chicken sausage and bell peppers with veggies.  I added some zucchini noodles and I added some zucchini noodles and some red pepper flakes and heated everything in a pan on the stove.
Snack- strawberry smoothie – frozen strawberries, nonfat milk blended with Ice
Dessert- Jenny Craig chocolate lava cake

I feel like this plan is right for me for the time being. I do think long term I will go back to tracking my macros and go back to the amazing macro program I was following before. Click HERE for a YouTube Video with info about my time following that plan.

But for right now, this is what I am following and this is what is working for me. We will just have to wait and see what happens next.


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  • Jacqueline, I have been following you for a while now, before and through your skin removals . I am so proud of you for being positive and not giving up!

    Sharon Boris 12.06.2020

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