Energy Drainers- Things to ditch NOW to be successful on your journey to lose weight, get fit or just live an overall healthy life.

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Good Vibes Rainbow Sweatshirt

“The secret of change is not to focus all of your energy on fighting the old, but on building the new.” – Socrates

The way we think and feel has the power to control our mood and how we get through the day. If we wake up in a bad, negative space, chances are we are just going to call it a bad day and we will continue to be in a negative and unhappy place all day long.  We may not always be in control of the situations around us, but we have the control and the power as to how we are going to respond. Our mood can also determine how we react to situations throughout the day.  Our actions and how we treat others, including ourselves can sometimes be affected by our mood as well.

There are things in life that I feel drain me and my energy and there are definitely things that I can allow to control my mood. So I am doing my best (I am still a work in progress) to ditch these negative energy drainers so that I can take back control and be the one in charge of how I feel and the mood that I am in.  In order to live a happy and positive life, it is important to be aware of things that can be draining to our physical and emotional health and wellbeing.

Sometimes the things that may be stopping us from living our best life or cause us to have bad days are really small or obvious.  Sometimes these things may be so small that we don’t even realize that we are doing them.  These little things may leave us wondering why we are so upset and moody or maybe just feeling blah and not really knowing why.   These energy drainers are things that I find definitely drain my energy and sometimes keep me from being my happy and positive self.  So here are my top 10 energy drainers that you need to ditch…like now!!

Good Vibes Rainbow Sweatshirt


Good Vibes Rainbow Sweatshirt


Good Vibes Rainbow Sweatshirt


Good Vibes Rainbow Sweatshirt


Good Vibes Rainbow Sweatshirt

Eating Poorly

For me, this is huge. I feel sluggish, tired, bloated and just unhappy when I allow myself to completely go “off plan” and just stuff my face with food. At the moment it may seem nice and feel good, but afterward, I feel awful and upset. Having a little treat here and there is definitely better for me than just sitting around and eating as much food as possible.  I feel so much better when I fuel my body with the right foods and I make good healthy food choices.

Living to Please Others

If you are only making choices because you want to make someone else happy you are missing out on so many chances to make yourself happy.  Sometimes no choice that you make will please that person you are trying to make happy.  If this is happening how are you going to feel?  You only have 1 life to live. Make sure you are living it to the fullest and for you.

Never Saying “No”

Saying no is definitely hard for me, but it is so important to be able to stand up for yourself and speak up for yourself.  It is so important to be able to have your thoughts and opinions heard too.  Sometimes I hate saying no because I do not want to upset the other person.  When I am unable to say no to a situation where maybe I should have it can make me feel miserable.  We must learn to say no no matter how hard it may be.  Remember, we are not living our life to please others right?

Taking Things Personally

You know the truth. You know who you are and what you believe in. That is what matters.


When we are constantly complaining, we are allowing ourselves to focus all of our energy on the negative. Try going a whole day without complaining and see just how good it feels. Spoiler alert- it feels great!

Holding onto the Past

We cannot always control what happened in the past and we definitely cannot go back in time and change it. Whats done is done. Just keep moving forward and create a great future. Don’t look behind, you are not going that way. Chin up buttercup!


Nobody has time for drama. Some people thrive on creating bigger problems than they really have and getting caught up in that mess. Gossiping is something to stop now!

Not Living In the Moment

When we focus too much on the past or on our future, we can’t really focus on right now and what is happening right before us.  Enjoy the now. Enjoy life right now.  Before we know it, this moment will be gone too and all we will have to hold onto are the memories. Make them good!

All or Nothing

There is such a thing as an in-between. Try letting go of this all or nothing attitude and find your happy middle ground, your balance, your happy medium.  Trying to be 100% perfect all of the time will drain you.  Make sure that you are making the right choices more often than you are not and you will be heading in the right direction.


Let go of the things you cannot change. Stressing over things you have no control over causes a lot of unneeded extra stress. Also, know when you can actually do something to make the changes you want to see and do it! Remember the difference between what you can and cannot change. Stop stressing over things that cannot be changed or that are out of your control.


When I am doing a few of these things it can make me feel like I am having a super bad day!  If you find yourself in a negative place, take a step back and really look and listen to whats going on around you.  Take time to think about what you are feeling and dealing with inside. Sometimes all it takes is being aware of some of these energy drainers to be able to make a quick switch in order to turn your day around!






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