Weight Loss Questions Series 002 – How to stay consistent and motivated to keep going?

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This new series has started out with amazing engagement and reception. I am so happy that the questions and answers are helping you all of you!! Here we go with Question number 2. This was a close second and barely ahead of the third most asked question. If you ever want to ask a question or share your challenges, comment down below and I will make sure to answer as many questions as I can!!!  Each question will be a separate blog post so I can dive in, expand my responses and give as much information as possible!

I am not by any means an expert, nutritionist, doctor or professional in any way. I am not going to be giving any specific diet/workout advice, I am just going to share with you what I do and what helps me. After losing 350 pounds, gaining some weight back, recovering from a Binge Eating disorder and learning to love myself through it all, I have learned a lot along my journey and I will be sharing MY OWN OPINIONS AND SUGGESTIONS!!!!

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How to stay consistent and to keep finding the motivation to keep going?

How do/did I stay consistent?

The thing with consistency is that you need to do something for an extended amount of time before it becomes something that you repeatedly do. Before we talk about staying consistent, let’s talk about motivation.

What’s your “why?”

When we begin a weight loss journey, health journey, or any kind of transformation we must figure out our “why”. Why do you want to make the changes in your life? IF your goal is weight loss, your WHY should be more than to just “look good” or to “be skinny.” You need to dig down deep and ask yourself, why is this important to change and why do you want the results. Your “why” will be very helpful on the days you are struggling or wanting to quit. You can think back, and remind yourself of why you are doing this and why it is so important to you.

Here is my “WHY?”

For example, my “why” was that I wanted to live. Weighing over 500 pounds I was so scared that anytime I went to sleep that I might stop breathing and not wake up. I also wanted to have a family, have children one day, have the wedding of my dreams with the man I love. I wanted to be a good example for my younger cousins. I had so much life ahead of me and I was scared I would never make it to live it. My WHY was to live life, enjoy life and be happy.

Creating Healthy Habits and a Routine

Once you have your WHY, we must begin to create healthy habits. Habits that will help us keep going and become second nature to us, so when we do lack motivation, our discipline kicks in and helps us to continue to do something, even if we do not feel like it. Healthy habits can lead to staying consistent. Creating healthy habits and creating a routine is going to be different for everyone. What works for one person may not necessarily be best for someone else.

My Routine

For me, I had a hard time being consistent with working out or going to the gym. So I had to create a schedule, a routine to help me so I could be consistent. I didn’t like working out and it had never been a part of my life outside of some walking in my neighborhood and some at-home aerobic walking videos.

I knew if I wanted to be consistent and get the results I was looking for I needed to create a plan and routine. The gym that I had joined offered classes Monday – Thursday. So I knew, Monday – Thursday I am going to the gym. I will head there right after work and for those days, that is just part of my everyday routine. It became the same as going to work, getting dressed….going to the gym was now just part of my routine. I knew that my day was not complete if I did not keep my commitment to showing up at the gym for my workout.

Lacking the motivation to keep going

So, at first, this plan was great. I loved having this routine and it kept me motivated to keep showing up at the gym. Then it happened…I hit a wall and I started to lack some motivation. I was tired, sore, lazy, and had so many things to do when I got home. The motivation I started with went away and I was left with excuses. Excuses as to why I did not want to go to the gym or felt that I could not go. For me, I thought that if I did not feel motivated to do it either… 1. something was wrong with me. 2. I failed. 3. I did not have to do it and I could wait until I found myself motivated again.

Discipline to the rescue!

What helped me continue to go and push through those hard days? What helped me not to give up and to continue to push on? Discipline. I worked so hard at being so committed to this schedule and this routine that out of habit, even on the days I did not want to work out, that sense of discipline and routine helped me and I just went out of habit. It became part of my day and I knew to just go to the gym, even if I didn’t feel like it. It had become part of my routine and day. I had to throw out my excuses and really be honest with myself about that the lack of motivation. I wasn’t truly lacking motivation I was just me making excuses as to why I could not or didn’t want to do it. By making going to the gym something I had to do, it forced me to let go of those excuses and just go it anyways! Even if I didn’t feel like it. Especially when I didn’t feel like it.

It is 100% fact, you are not going to be motivated all of the time. Motivation does come and go. That’s ok, it is normal. There is nothing wrong with you if you wake up one morning and feel completely unmotivated to do anything!!!! That is ok!!!

Just because we feel unmotivated, does not mean we just throw in the towel and just not do it. Like I said before, we must be disciplined so when we do lack that motivation we are not tempted to make every excuse under the sun and blame it on not having any motivation and just not do it. Just because you do not feel like doing something does not always mean you shouldn’t do it anyway. If you want to stop quitting and be consistent, you must stop quitting when it’s hard or when you don’t feel like it. Stick to your goals, remember your “why” and be consistent!!!

Choose your hard!

We need to build healthy habits. We need to throw out those old ways that are not helping us reach our goal. Sometimes, we must be uncomfortable and do things we might not want to do. That’s life. I know when things get challenging it is so easy to say “this is too hard I am not doing it. I don’t feel like it.” But what helps me not go back to those old ways is reminding myself that those old ways of thinking or acting are not going to help me reach my goals. They are going to take me farther and farther away from where I want to be. Weight loss is hard. It is not easy. But living a life where you are not healthy, happy, living to your fullest potential or living a life that is not yours is hard too. Truth if the matter is both ways are hard. So we must choose our hard. Choose the path we are comfortable with but not happy with or the path that might be hard and scary but will take us closer and closer to reaching our goals. Choose your hard.

Healthy Habits

If you can create a plan, stay focused, keep going, and make it part of your everyday routine, being consistent with something will become a lot easier. This new routine will get easier because you will just keep doing it. It will become second nature to you. You will start to be more consistent out of habit. When things get challenging always remind yourself of your “why” and keep going.

Remember this journey is not easy and it is not supposed to be. Nothing worth having doesn’t come with some sacrifices, hard work, dedication, and patience. So be patient with yourself. Stop making excuses and finding reasons it’s not working or why you can’t do something. If we want to change we must work for change. It will not be handed to us. We must go out and take it. Work for it. Make it a part of our everyday life and everyday routine.

Stop making excuses

The more we make an excuse not to do something, the more excuses we will keep making. We will always find a reason to quit, stop and not do it. Commit to yourself, commit to your goals, make yourself a priority. Put yourself first and stop making excuses as to why you can’t do it or why it won’t work. If you want to be consistent, you must stop giving up!

Take it one day at a time

For me, I always take it one day at a time. I focus on the day in front of me. I do everything I need to do that day, eat my food, get my workout in, and when my head hits the pillow at night I know I won the day. I go to sleep feeling accomplished. I feel proud of myself. I know I did it! When I wake up the next morning, I feel ready to take on that new day. I created a healthy routine and plan for myself where I know I will succeed and that I can do it. If I wake up one morning and just don’t want to workout, I stick to the plan because that is just part of my routine and my day. Guess what? I usually have the best workouts on the days I just do not feel like going to the gym. I find myself feeling so proud after. That sense of pride also helps me keep going and helps get that motivation back.

We cannot only do things when we feel like doing them, otherwise, we would never really get anything accomplished. We must build healthy habits, and a healthy routine, so when that motivation is gone, because like I said, we will not always be motivated, we can rely on those habits to help us keep going.

Consistency will Come

To be consistent, you must consistently continue to do something, even if it’s hard, you don’t want to or you don’t feel like it. To be consistent you must keep going on the days it’s difficult and you don’t want to. You must build those healthy habits and make them a part of your routine. If you want something you never had, you have to do something you have never done. The only way to be consistent is to keep doing it. It will become easier the more you do it and the more you practice it and stick with it. Consistency does not come overnight. It takes time.

Don’t let lack of motivation be the excuse as to why you are not reaching your goals. Use your goals and your WHY to create the motivation to be able to consistently do what you need to do to be successful.


  • Thank you so very much for sharing. I appreciate you!

    Monica 23.02.2020
  • Thank your for sharing with the world! I’ve been trying to lose weight for a long time. Even with lap band surgery, which recently, had it reversed after 17 years. During all this time, I knew I wanted to lose weight but never really thought about the WHY. After reading that the WHY always brought you back to the light in your darkest days. I just literally realized that if I figured out the WHY, I could have better success this time around. Here’s my WHY… I am doing it for me!!!!! Just me. Not for my husband. Not for my kids. Not for anyone … just for me!!!!! I’ve never been one to put myself first; I’m ready to do it now!!!! Thank you for giving me this new idea and a whole new perspective-
    Now I have a WHY. Would love to keep you posted. Good luck!! And please keep at it. You are truly an inspiration. Thank you.

    Vicky 08.03.2020

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