Disneyland Main Street Mickey Waffles at Home

Strawberry Mickey Waffles at Home

Ever since joining WW, I have been cooking so much more. I have been trying new foods, making my favorite foods, and just overall enjoying food again! But I am all about making food and recipes easy. There are times I do like to try out more complicated recipes, but this is not one of those times and this is definitely not one of those recipes.

One of my favorite things in the whole world is ordering Mickey Waffles from Carnation Cafe on Main Street in Disneyland, watching the people go by, listening to the magical music, and enjoying my favorite breakfast. Normally I make at least one trip around Christmas time (if not on Christmas) and enjoy these amazing waffles.

Carnation Cafe Disneyland Strawberry Waffle

Before I started my WW journey if I was not in Disneyland, I did not “allow” myself to have waffles. But those days of not “allowing” myself to have certain foods are long gone! As I said, my relationship with food is changing, I am eating more foods I enjoy.  I am changing and finding ways to still enjoy the magic of Disneyland from home.  Since we are still in a pandemic, Disneyland is closed and we are all at home.

This year I was feeling sad that I would not be able in Disneyland to enjoy Christmas Mickey Waffles on Mainstreet. Instead of being sad, I decided to make them at home. I have to be honest, these don’t quite live up to the actual Disneyland waffle experience, but, it does come pretty close.

Strawberry Mickey Waffles at Home

Bring Disneyland to You!

In this post, I wanted to share how I recreated the Disneyland waffles, and how I made this super easy, simple, and delicious treat at home.  Mickey Waffles at home.  I know this is not a typical “recipe”, but it’s easy, delicious, and a super simple way to recreate the experience at home. I used the Krusteaz Light & Crispy Belgian Waffle Mix, added in the same ingredients they called for on the back of the box and measured out my portion to align with my WW plan for the day. These waffles are amazing. I am already thinking of ways to add to them, change them up, and how to use this mix to make other delicious waffle flavors, a “remix” if you will. HERE is a link to the box mix I used.

Also, you cant have Disneyland Waffles without a Mickey Waffle maker. This one is amazing and makes the cutest mini Mickey waffles ever! I will link it HERE. It’s not the same size waffle from Main Street but it is the same sized Mickey waffle that can be found at various other places throughout the park for breakfast. I’m looking at you, character breakfast experiences. So if you are looking to recreate a food experience from your favorite character breakfast this is the PERFECT waffle iron for you!!!

Rumor has it that this Carbon’s Golden Malted box mix is the one Disneyland uses…or tastes exactly like the ones they make. I have yet to try this one, but I wanted to share it HERE as well.

To make the waffles similar to the ones I enjoy in the parks I added strawberries and topped them with some whipped cream. YUM!  Kevin and the rest of my family even added some bacon to take the waffle experience to the next level, but I’m not such a fan of bacon myself and usually skip out, even when I’m sitting on Main Street eating my waffles.

Remember, even though we can’t be in Disneyland right now, we can still recreate the magic, enjoy food without guilt, make it super easy and delicious, and enjoy Mickey Waffles at home. We even put the Disneyland parade on our TV and watched it while we enjoyed waffles Christmas morning and it was still pretty magical.

WW Points

The amount of points depends on the plan you are using and also depends on the amount of everything you have but I thought I would share my breakdown. I am on WW Blue so here is my WW points breakdown.

I measured myself 1/2 cup of the waffle mix – 9PTS
Strawberries – 0 PTS
Fat-free whipped cream – I used 42 grams which is 2 PTS
Total- 11PTS

Again This breakfast left me feeling full, satisfied, and happy. Because of all of those feelings, I will be recreating this experience again soon!


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