1 Little White Dress 3 Different Ways for 3 Completely Different Looks




As much as I love winter, there is just something about springtime that brings me so much happiness.  The flowers are all blooming, the weather is getting warmer, and everything is just opening up and waking up from its long winter hibernation.  Spring also reminds me of the power of new beginnings and how anything is possible!  For if a flower can push its way up from out of the dirt and grow into something beautiful, then I know I too can find the sunlight and let myself bloom!

Easter is also in the spring and I LOVE Easter.  It is literally right around the corner now too!!  For me, springtime is also super special and not just because of the flowers and knowing anything is possible, but a time to celebrate.  I am a very religious person and Easter reminds me just how much Jesus loves me, and how he created me and loves me just the way I am.  It is a time to reflect on my own personal sins and a time to ask for forgiveness and love so that I can only continue to move forward on my journey and be the best me possible, the me I was created to be.

So this Easter, I decided to treat myself to this super cute white dress (LWD) and I think it is perfect for Easter or just springtime in general.  I think we all need to have a LWD in our wardrobe!  There is just something about wearing white right now that I am loving!  It’s so fresh, clean, crisp and feminine!  I found this one super cute, yet flattering too since I like my dresses a little longer right now to make me feel more confident with my legs.  The bottom is also so flowy and that it is perfect for spinning and twirling around too.  I mean who doesn’t love to do that in a dress!

This dress is so versatile too because it is so simple, yet classic and can be worn so many different ways!  I decided to share with you guys 3 different ways that I am loving to wear this dress right now.  Each of these ways would be perfect for Easter, or springtime in general.  So no matter what your plans are for Easter, you will be covered. You can literally pair this dress with anything and you will look great!

Here is how wore this 1 Little White dress 3 different ways for 3 completely different looks.

I still cannot decide which one I like best!

Look 1- Girly and fun

I added this super cute and colorful tweed jacket and paired it with nude heels for the perfect Eater/ spring look.  It is very classy and elegant and I can’t get enough of it!






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Look 2- Sassy and sophisticated

I added this pop of hot pink with this amazing pink blazer and changed my heels to these AHMazing floral print heels.  The blazer keeps it classic, yet the hot pink color brings in some sass, and the shoes I think just tie it all together and this look is just perfect!





This one just may be my look for Easter this year!

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Look 3- Keeping it casual

Again, same white dress, just added a distressed denim jacket and some cute pink sneakers for the perfect put together yet casual look!  So comfy yet put together at the same time!







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So there you have it, 1 dress worn 3 different ways to give you 3 completely different looks.  I am linking all 3 of these outfits down below as well as similar plus sizes!  I found some super cute plus size white dresses that I LOVE and hope you do too!

Also, these heels are perfection.  Since I still carry a lot of weight in my legs and have a lot of loose skin, high heels are a def no go for me.  They really hurt.  However these kitten heels are perfect because you still get that heel vibe, but they do not hurt my legs at all and I can actually walk in them without feeling like I am going to take a nose dive!

Let me know which look is your favorite or if you are going to treat yourself to a LWD too!

Love you all so much and Happy Easter and Happy Spring!!




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  • I just love your LWD with the pink blazer and floral heels. Definitely should be your Easter look.

    Have a wonderful Easter beautiful girl!

    I’m so happy God put you in my pathway. He knew I needed some sunshine. I tell my husband about your happiness all the time.

    love ya friend

    Sherrie Sharp 27.03.2018
    • hi! Thank you so much for the super sweet comment!! I am so glad that i can help be a little sunshine in your day!! Sending you lots of love! xoxo

      Jacqueline 28.03.2018

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