Winter Blue and White Vibes


Ok guys…here in California we are finally having colder “winter” like weather!  I know I know, it is nothing like the east coast is getting, although I would not mind traveling to see some snow right about now!  I actually had to FaceTime my sister yesterday because she lives in Nashville and it was snowing there!!!  I love the snow if you cant tell, although it has been really long time since I have actually seen or been in. the snow.  I think there is just something so “snow esque” about wearing pale blue and white in the winter and definitely gives me the vibes like I am inside a snowy snow globe and I just love it.  

Even though the sun is still shining here in California, it does get pretty chilly especially in the evenings and I am living in this jacket.  I love how  nice it looks, but still is super warm and cozy. I was immediately drawn to this pale blue color and the wrap around detail, and of course that collar.   I also love how this is wool, but it is not itch or scratchy at all.   This material is super soft and I love it!  It comes in so many amazing colors too.   I also found this exact coat in plus size too which I was super excited about so I am linking that below as well.  They do not have it in pale blue, however the other colors are beautiful.  I know the pale blue is selling out like crazy so make sure to get it before its gone!  

And ok…lets just take a moment to talk about this cream beret.  I have always wanted one of these but never thought I could pull it off.  I actually had this added to my cart several times and never quite was able to pull the trigger and buy it.  Once I saw it sold out I was so mad at myself for not getting it.  Then the stars all aligned and it came back in stock and I immediately checked out.  I was so nervous for it to come in because I kept telling myself I will not be able to wear this or pull it off.  So it came and I love it.  I literally wear it everywhere.  If you have been wanting to try this trend, but have been scared like me, I say just do it!  Try new things and step outside of your comfort zone every once and a while! 





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