Nordstrom Designer Showcase Event plus How I Deal With Sweating the Small Stuff.






Sweating the small stuff.  Something that I really do not like to do, and something that I try my best to avoid at all costs.  I am a pretty happy and positive person, most of the time.  Unless something is really big or causes me a really big problem, I am pretty good with letting things just roll.  But the other day, I had a big melt down.  I really did let something very little cause me to have a little pity party and become very..frustrated.

Earlier this week I was invited to attend an event with my local Nordstrom.  I was able to attend their designer showcase event!  It was so much fun!!! They had all of the new pieces that were  worn on the runway, and actually had some of the exact pieces that were worn there as well!  It was so much fun to just walk around and look at all of the amazing designer items and imagine myself wearing all of these pieces.  It was so cool to actually see a picture of the model on the runway next to the item.  I have to admit I loved watching what everyone was picking out and what they were tying on!  It was so much fun and it made me dream of the day where I can actually buy one of those pieces!  

But going back into the night before the event, I was definitely sweating the small stuff.  If you do not know I have been recovering from major surgery on my legs now for a few weeks, and I have to wear black compression leggings at all times.  So when I got invited to this event, I was SO excited and I had been counting down the days to actually get out of the house and get dressed and attend an event.  There was just one little problem…what was I going to wear.  Or better yet, what would go with leggings, yet still be super cute.  I know what you are thinking…who gets tired of wearing leggings or that there are so many ways to dress up black leggings.  Yes I agree with you 100%.  But in the moment, and having only been able to wear tight compression leggings for several weeks now…I wanted to wear anything but leggings!  I have to admit that I almost let this frustration of having to wear leggings affect me so much that I almost did not attend the event.

I had a pity party.  I threw all of the clothes out of my closet, was yelling that I had nothing to wear, was complaining about how swollen I was, and wanted to burn every pair of leggings I owned.  Once I was done destroying my room, I laid down in my bed and closed my eyes.  I took a deep breath and just calmed myself down.  

 I want to first address that I think it is completely healthy to allow ourselves to feel whatever emotion we are feeling at that moment, and if we need to cry,  (or throw a few clothes around) then cry!  Do not hold that in!  But I also think is is super healthy and important to take a step back and figure out why you are really upset and and what is really going on.  Was I really upset that I had to wear back leggings to an event, NO.  My frustration was coming from being just being in recovery mode for so long and the fact that I have been wearing tight leggings for weeks and I was just a little over it.  

 I 10000% know that surgery is worth it.  I reminded myself of this.  I also told myself that it will not be like this forever and that you will not be wearing compression pants everyday for the rest of your life.  I also reminded myself that there are so many worse things I could’ve to wear than black leggings.  Putting things into perspective also really helps, and something that is SO SO hard to do when you are in that wild and irrational state, meltdown central.  

Sometimes reminding yourself that it is ok to be upset really helps you move on too. 

I sometimes we all sweat the little stuff but I think it only helps us appreciate all of the good and the positive and helps us remember what is truly important.

After that, I told myself, I am going to rock these leggings.  I put together a look that I love and I hope you guys do too.  So whether you can only wear leggings right now like me, or you just love leggings and want some more Inspo for outfits, I hope you can remember to have fun with fashion, with your looks and reminder just how versatile a good pair of black leggings really is!

Remember, sometimes no matter how hard we try, we end up letting the little things in life cause us to be upset, or make us get super upset and annoyed.  We cannot always control what happens to us in life, but we are always in control of how we decide to handle it!

Happy Saturday and happy shopping!  I hope today, you chose to be happy!!!




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