My Top Tips For How I Find My Own Sunshine and Continue My Personal Growth






We are all on a journey.  That journey is life.  Life can be…tricky.  It has a way of knocking us down and kicking us when we feel like we can’t get any lower.  It also can be wonderful and we can travel down paths that we only ever imagined and learn more about ourselves than we ever though possible.

For me, spring is always my time of the year where I truly believe that anything is possible!  The flowers that grow from seeds buried underneath some dirt, finally found their sunshine and blossomed into beautiful flowers. Each flower is different and unique and no one is exactly like another.  Each one had to fight its way to push through the dirt  and find the sunshine to fully blossom.  No matter how deeply we feel like we have fallen and are buried under the dirt and can not get up we must remember that we must fight like those seeds to push through that dirt and find that sunshine.  If the sunshine is not there we must make it for ourselves.  Spring reminds me that anything is possible and that I am the one who is ultimately in charge of my own happiness, my own sunshine.

For many years I struggled with my own self worth and my body image and felt like I was kicked down so far that I definitely did not have the strength to get back up.  No matter what you are going through, or what struggles you may be facing, know that it is ok to feel upset, trapped, and to think, this sucks.  But allow yourself to feel those feelings and move on.  There is so much beauty and love around us, that sometimes we just need to open our eyes and look for it.  I always say, if there is no sunshine, be the sunshine!  We may not always be able to control what happens to us, but we are the ones in charge of how we respond to it.

Along my journey I have come up with my top 10 tips that have helped me blossom into the person I am today and how I truly find my own sunshine!  I hope these tips help you as well to know that, just like flowers, it is our own beauty, and each unique and special feature that really makes us shine!  Just like the seeds that were buried in the dirt, you can also rise up, find your own sunshine and let your own inner beauty shine!

My Top Tips For How I Find My Own Sunshine and Continue My Personal Growth


This does not only mean forgiving others, but forgiving yourself as well.  Holding onto hatred or anger with others (yourself included) will only bring negativity into your life and it will only prevent you from moving forward.  Like Elsa says, “let it go, let it go.”

Ditch the excuses

OK this might sound like some tough love here, so fair warning.  Making excuses is something that I used to be REALLY good at.  But if I wanted to make changes in my life, I knew that I had to be honest with myself and stop making them.  I had to stop lying to myself and telling myself “I just can’t do it, Its too hard, I did my best, its not fair…and on and on.”  I had to stop playing the victim card of “poor me.”  Those are all excuses you feed yourself when something may be hard and you are afraid you will fail before you even begin or when you don’t even want to try.  So ditch those excuses and make it happen!

Positive self talk

Start each day by looking in the mirror and saying

  • Today Will Be My Day
  • I am beautiful
  • I am worthy
  • I CAN do this
  • I love you

Positive self talk goes a very long way.  Always ask yourself if what you are saying or thinking about yourself is self love, or self sabotage.


Remember, this is your journey!  Never compare the place you are at to someone else.  I often times repeat this quote to myself over and over and it is “never compare your chapter one to someone else chapter 10”.  You don’t know what they are going through or what they have been through, just like they don’t know what you have been through or what you are dealing with now.  Comparison is the thief of joy.  Just do you!


Wanting to do something to please others so that you can get their star of approval will not bring you true happiness.  When you are happy with yourself that is the only approval you need. Live for you, not for others and never let society tell you who you should be.  Be you!  That the best thing that you can do!

Ask for help

If you need some help, ask.  Asking for hep does not make you weak, it actually makes you strong.  Strong people have the confidence in themselves to admit that they are not always strong and may not have all of the answers and  need to turn to others for a little support.  Its OK to ask for help!!

Do everything with Love

What the world needs now more than ever, is love.  Love what you do and love who you are.  Until you learn to fully love yourself, you cannot fully Love others.  After you truly love yourself, then love others, help others love themselves and spread as much love as you can!  For me it was not losing weight or having skin removal surgery that made me love myself.  I loved myself enough to choose to live a happy, healthy life which meant the things had to happen.  Do everything with love and just like a wildfire, love will spread all over!

Express gratitude

Always say “thank you.”  Remind yourself of all of the great things you have in life.  Focus on what you have and not on what you don’t have.  Always remember to thank yourself too.  You are doing a great job, so say thank you!

Take care of yourself

Make sure you are getting enough sleep, drinking enough water, eating food to fuel your body and getting some exercise.  Remember to treat yourself ever now and then too!  Never get too caught up in life that you forget take some time for you and what you need!

Believe in yourself

If you believe in yourself you will be unstoppable!  You really have to believe that you can accomplish anything and everything not just kind of half way believe it.  You can make all of your dreams come true if you work hard, never give up and never EVER stop believing in yourself!


Just like the tiny seeds that are buried deep down inside the dirt we must continue to fight our way out and find our own sunshine so we can bloom.  It may not always be easy but just remember that no matter how far down you fall you can always stand back up.  If you cannot find that sunshine you can definitely make your own.





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