Celebrating Small Goals and Achievements is Important; Pink and White Striped Skirt Flash Back To Our Engagement Party







Pink Striped Skirt

When I found this pink striped skirt in the store I almost broke down. I had to get it because it was a great reminder to celebrate reaching small goals.  On Christmas Eve, 2013, Kevin and I got engaged in front of the Disneyland castle.  It was such a special and magical moment that I will never forget.  At that time I had already lost over 100 pounds but was still struggling with my body image and still had more than 200 pounds to lose.  I had never felt more determined to reach my goals and I promised myself that I would have the wedding of my dreams and NOT have to have a wedding dress custom made for me because I could not find one that fit.  We went home and immediately started planning our engagement party.  I was so excited to be engaged to my best friend and celebrate with my loved ones this special moment in our lives.


Engagement Party Planning

When we were planning our engagement party, I found super cute invitations.  It showed a man in a suit and bow tie, and the girl in a pink and white striped skirt.  I thought it would be so cute to have Kevin and I dress to look like the invites.  Kevin found a light blue jacket and pants that matched perfectly.  I, on the other hand, could not find a pink and white stripe skirt that fit me.  It felt like I looked everywhere and was starting to become very upset with myself and my body. I decided to search Etsy and found someone who made custom clothes and had a pink and white striped skirt!!!  When I went to order one and of course, the sizing did not fit.  I thought maybe if I message her since she makes all of the items, she can make a custom one that would fit me.  She could and she did!!!   I was the happiest girl in the World but to be honest, I was also a little embarrassed that I had to get this custom made to fit me.

Party Time

When the day of our engagement party came I felt like a real princess.  We had our party at…wait for it…Nordstrom Cafe.  The exact place I wanted to have it.  I was not sure if they hosted parties, but when my mom went to them and told them about me and how I wanted to celebrate there, they said YES!  I mean, of course, they would say yes, they are amazing and their customer service is second to none!!!




The cafe was transformed into an engagement party dream.  Tablecloths, flowers, happily ever after all covered the restaurant.  It was filled with pinks and orange and white and when Kevin and I got ready and headed to the cafe, to our friends and family there ready to celebrate this happy moment with us, I felt like the luckiest girl in the world.  I also felt beautiful.  I had not been able to feel that or say that about myself in a long time…but at that moment in time, I felt beautiful.  Happy.  Even though I had to get this skirt custom made, and I had been struggling with my body, all of that went away at that moment.  I could finally say I was beautiful and that was a huge accomplishment.  I knew I was starting to come further on my journey at this moment and I knew that my changes were more than just losing weight.


What’s Going on Now?

Fast forward to present time.  Sometimes I still struggle with my self-image and sometimes have a hard time with loving my body and don’t remember to appreciate everything that my body has done for me.

Recently I have been struggling with my body image again, and really having a hard time mentally dealing with all of the swelling and fluid that is from my most recent surgery.  Finding this new pink and white skirt was just the reminder that I needed.  I feel like finding this skirt was a reminder to focus on the positive and how far I have come.  Finding this skirt was a perfect way to remind myself that I can feel beautiful no matter what size I am, or how much I weigh.  I also need to remember to celebrate everything that my body is and can do.  Being over 500 pounds taught me so much, that girl who struggled and fought for her life was strong enough to handle anything.  This girl, me, right now can handle a little swelling and fluid retention.  I just needed to be reminded of this.

Where is that Skirt

I still have my old skirt and bring it out from time to time to not only remind myself of how far I have come but as a reminder of true happiness.  Happiness does not come from a number on the scale or the size of your skirt.  Happiness comes from within.  Remember that it is ok to feel frustrated or down, but it is how we respond to those feeling and bounce back that matter.  When we focus on the negative or all of the challenges we are facing, it gives us no space to focus on the positive or see just how far we have come.


This skirt was that perfect reminder right now!  It was not only super cute but it came to me when I needed it the most.  The pink and white stripes are just adorable and I love the length.  Also, this skirt goes up to a size 18. It is so amazing how more and more brands are coming out with more size inclusive items!  This white button shirt is a staple piece and can be worn with so many other items.  The ruffle details by the buttons are gorgeous, and the best part?  This top also goes up to a size 18!  Woo Hoo!!


Celebrating Small Goals and Achievements is Important

Reaching small goals, and taking moments to stop, reflect, and realize just how far you have come, also help keep you going!  Taking moments like these to really step back and think about where you have been and where you are going are really powerful.  These moments will help you to remind why you started your journey and keep you thinking about why you want to keep pushing forward with your journey.  Always remember to celebrate the small victories along the way.  Sometimes the small victories are just the reminder we need to keep us motivated and inspired to keep moving forward!





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  • Small goals to me mean big happiness! I try to achieve a small goal every day, and to remember to be happy with myself.

    Bobbi 07.02.2020

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