6 Weeks Out From My Second Skin Removal Surgery (Circumferential Upper Body Lift and Arm Lift)

I can’t believe that my second skin removal surgery was already 6 weeks ago.  It is crazy to think that at this time 6 weeks ago, my life would drastically change so much again.  I have been honest and open about my whole journey so far so I figured I would give an more in depth update as to how I am doing now.  I saw my surgeon today for my 6 week post op check up.  He told me that I was healing great and so quickly and that I am right on track for where I should be.  My scars already look amazing, and I have to admit, that I can’t help but tear up when I see that my arms don’t hang down to the floor, and my back is…well…flat now.  No more rolls, lumps, bumps or trying to pull my pants up to my neck to try and cover all of the skin that was back there.  I have a lot more mobility in my arms and I can almost stand up straight.  My surgeon recommended that I start Occupational Therapy to help with the sensitivity and recovery.  All in all I had a great report and I don’t have another check up for another 6 weeks.

Now on to how I am feeling.  I’m not going to lie, I am still in pain.  My incisions burn and sting and I have a hard time getting comfortable.  Having two major surgeries in such a short amount of time has really taken a toll on my body, and recovering this time has really wiped me out.  No matter how painful and no matter how frustrated I am to still depend on Kevin and others so much, I am happy.  I am beyond happy with the results and couldn’t have asked for a better or compassionate surgeon.  The pain I felt from being overweight and the pain from having all of the excess skin was far worse than the pain I have now.  I am trying to be patient with myself and let myself heal and recover even though it may take longer than I want it to or I think that it should.  I still have days where I cry all day, feel discouraged from the pain, get angry at myself for ever getting to this point and don’t even want to get out of bed.  In the end, this whole experience is only making me stronger.  

 These past 6 weeks have not been fun, however each day I am getting better.  Just like with my weight loss I am taking this one day at time and one moment at a time and finding happiness in moments I feel sad and inspiration when I feel like giving up.  Recovery is party of my journey and my story.  I might not be easy but it will be so worth it in the end.  



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