Real Good Pizza

Guys, I have something amazing to share with you!  If you are anything like me, you love pizza.  Unfortunately, pizza is not the most calorie friendly food.  Pizza is something that I treat myself to every once and a while…and there are usually long whiles in between my pizzas.  A few months ago I came across Real Good Pizza Co.  To be honest, the first thing that caught my eye was their little slogan or quote on the back of their box “Pizza is Life, they told us it wasn’t possible, they said it wouldn’t taste good, they were wrong.”  I mean can this really not be more perfect?  Of course I had to give them a try…and it is AMAZING!!!!!  The fact that it has 25 g of protein and only 4 g of carbs and that the crust is made of chicken breast and parmesan…how crazy is that?

If you order from them directly the pizzas arrive frozen and ready for you to pop into your oven whenever you are having a pizza craving.  There are currently 3 different flavors.  3 cheese, Pepperoni and Supreme.  They are all so good but I think my personal favorite is the Supreme.  I also love adding more veggies to these pizzas to make different flavor combinations.


These pizzas are seriously delicious and I will definitely keep my freezer stocked.  If you try these out, or have tried them in the past please let me know which pizza is your favorite.  If you have a favorite way to top your “Real Good Pizza” be sure let me know so that I can try it out myself.





* Disclaimer: All thoughts and opinions above are my own and I would not be telling you guys about something if I truly didn’t love it.  Just like with any type of food, it may not be for everyone and that is okay.  I just wanted to share this new amazing company that I found and personally love.

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