Valentine’s Day Date Ideas

For the past several years Kevin and I love planning a fun activity to do together to celebrate Valentine’s Day!  We love picking something that we normally would not do or have “time” to do and we just spend the day, or afternoon together enjoying each others company.  One of my favorite things about losing all of my weight is being able to go out and have “real” dates and being able to go enjoy all of these fun activities that I was not able to participate in before.  I love finding new and exciting adventures for us to go on and Valentine’s Day is the perfect time to actually make sure we do something extra special together!  


Last year we went down to Monterey here in Northern CA and spent the day walking around the cute little town, looking in all the shops and walking along the beach.  We also went to the aquarium which is something we have been wanting to do for a long time.  The little otters were my fav!  It was a perfect day!

 Over the past few years I have come up with a bunch of fun outings that Kevin and I love doing, especially for Valentine’s Day.  All of these activities are a great way to do something fun with your loved one, family or even your bestie.  So weither you are doing something special on the 14th or have another special day in mind, all of these ideas are perfect all year long, not just on the 14th.  The key is to have fun and do something a little extra special with the ones you love!

I hope these suggestions give you a few new and fun ideas and new adventures for you to explore!

1. Go on a Hike 

Research different hiking trails or paths in your area and enjoy some time outdoors.  You might find a new favorite gem right in your backyard with the most amazing views.  Make sure you pack some snacks and some water and enjoy a little picnic when you make it to the top.  Don’t forget your camera!

2. Go Out Of Town

 You don’t need to make reservations or book a plane ticket for this one!  Hop in the car and just drive!  Explore a city near you that you have never been to before.  Find a local restaurant or coffee shop and go on a little adventure.  Its like a mini vacation, but not as expensive 3.  Go to a Museum, Zoo or Aquarium

Spend the day walking around a local museum and learn about the history or play with crazy new gadgets and see different exhibits or cute animals.  A lot of times they have fun games or interesting videos.  Who’s knows…you may learn something new and there is no test after!4. Sports Event

This is one of our favs!  Kevin and I are big sports fans and LOVE going to see a game every chance we get!  We find cheap seats, and bring binoculars if need be haha! No matter where your seats are, you will still have a great time because you are watching your favorite teams and being with each other!



5. Boardwalk/ Beach

Living in California this is something we do all the time however we love it!  We love just taking a picnic to the beach and just chilling on the sand.  Also walking on the boardwalk, playing games and riding the merry go round is a fun way to just let loose and have fun! If you do not live near a beach or boardwalk, maybe you can find an indoor arcade and challenge your date to a game of air hockey or see who can win that super cute stuffed animal pig!



Having fun with your loved ones does not require always spending a lot of money to travel, or always going out to eat.  For me it is about spending time together and doing activities that allow you to just let loose and have fun!  So no matter what you have planned for Valentine’s Day, I am wishing all of you lots of love and adventures!  What is your favorite Date activity?  I would love to know!




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