Surgery 3 Update and Surgery Number 4

So I know what you are all thinking…wait didn’t you just have surgery last week? And the answer is YES!  I pretty much had an upper back lift and my surgeon, Dr Beck, removed a good amount of excess skin from…well my upper back.  I had that surgery last Wednesday June 21 and it was done under local anesthesia.  So yes I was awake for it.  I did feel a little pain and discomfort, however I was a little shocked at how calm I was.  I had my check up with him yesterday (June 26) and will briefly share wth you how that went before we get into what I will be having done tomorrow!

So to begin, it would not be a post surgery check up without me almost passing out.  I don’t know what happens to me, or why this always happens.  Every time I go in after surgery and he is checking out the incisions, I begin to get really hot and I feel my eyes rolling to the back of my head and begin really sweating.  So he will lay me in the chair, lay the chair all the way back and we will all wait for me to calm down and join everyone else again.  It doesn’t matter if he is just examining the incisions, removing tape, or removing the drainage tubes…I am very predictable and this has happens…all the time.  Dr Beck will usually just hold my hand, tell me stories to calm me down, and wipe the sweat from my head.  Yesterday as I was practically laying on my head on the chair, he just removed the drains without me even knowing.  I felt better after that 🙂

He was so impressed as to how everything is healing already.  the incisions looks really good and he will hopefully be able to remove the stitches in a few weeks.  The incision goes pretty much along my whole upper back from shoulder blade to shoulder blade and I am wearing a binder (special wrap) around my body 24/7.  As things heal and progress I will keep you posted on how everything is healing with this surgery!

Now on to surgery number 4!  I can’t believe it is tomorrow!!  Tomorrow will be another procedure done under local Anastasia and he will remove the rest of the skin on my arms.  Just like last time, I will come home after so no hospital stay which makes me so happy.  I am super excited to have this skin removed.  

Yes I am nervous.  Yes I am in pain.  But just like I said last time and I have said many times before, and I will continue to say over and over is so worth it.  To carry around all of that excess skin is not healthy or good for me…physically or mentally.  People can have their own opinions or say what they want, but I am doing whats best for me.  This is the best thing for me and SO SO SO worth it.  So yes I may be nervous and scared and in pain but I am looking into the future and how this will benefit me long term..not just right now.  

I don’t know if you guys follow basketball, (or if you know how much of a Warriors fan I am) but Steph Curry has a shirt that he wears that is part of a campaign and it is says “make that old”.  You can look it up more and read more about what he is doing if you want, but for me that means that no matter what you are going through or what happens to you, that you have to keep going.  Make that old.  Make surgery and the pain and fear old news.  So you can look back after it is all said and done and say “I made that old…and I did it”. Now I just have to get one of those shirts too 🙂

As always thank you so much for your prayers, love, support, and keeping me in your thoughts and prayers!  I will try my best to keep you all updated and respond back to all of you ( I know Kevin will do his best to help me too) but with my arms about to be cut may make it hard so please just know I appreciate all of you!!

Surgery number 4…lets do this…and lets “make that old!”




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