100, 50, 25 rep workout

So lately I have been getting a lot of questions about good workout routines and what I would recommend or what I do or did.  I am working on getting together some of my favorite at home workouts and videos I like following.  I know going to the gym or paying a membership fee is expensive and we cannot all afford it.  Trust me I know.  I wish I could get a membership everywhere haha BUT that does not mean that you cannot still get a killer wokout from the comfort of your own home!  So in the meantime while I round up all of my favorite at home workout as well as get together my current workout routine, I thought that I would share with you a GREAT at home workout that my trainer Bo came up with a few weeks ago for one of our group Saturday classes.  Do not worry about if you cannot do all of the reps, just do as many as you can.  For us, class was one hour long and we got through as much as we could.  I think I was close to finishing, but had a few left that I did not complete.

Also we went in a rotation.  So we did one core move, one cardio move and one weight station then did a lap outside.  After each rotation we came back and kept going down the list.  

Go ahead and give this a try.  See how many reps you can do of each move and how many exercises you can get through.  Maybe try this for a few days…or weeks and watch yourself progress and get stronger.  

Remember, work at your own pace and listen to your body.

Also something to note is that I am not a professional trainer or nutritionist.  I am just sharing a fun exercise activity to try.  Make sure you are physically able to workout or consult your doctor before trying anything and as always just do your best and don’t over do it!

Have fun with this and let me know if you give this a try!  Comment with a strong arm emoji if you give this workout a try and be on the lookout for more workout blogs soon!



Workout courtesy of Bo (Bo Kelley Fitness)


Core List (50 Reps)


Plank Reach

Knee Tucks

Plank Leg Lift

Hip Raise

Bike Pedal w/ Elbow touch

Toe Reach

Ankle Reach

Suitcase Crunch

Plank Knee to Elbow



Cardio List (100 Reps)

Mountain Climbers

Sky Reach

Football Run

Jumping Jack


Plank Jack

Bridge Toe Touch

Ice Skater

Cross Country

Heel Tap


Weight List (25 Reps)



Back Row

Shoulder Press


Chest Press

Squat Press

Dead Lift

Triceps Extension


Now get ready because its time to sweat! 



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