Super Cute and Comfy Date Night Outfit; Green Lace Cami and Leopard Shoes






Happy Saturday!

This week was a busy week for us so usually that means the week flies by…. but instead it just seemed to drag on and on! We had a ton of holiday baking orders,got our workouts in, and yesterday was my moms birthday! So busy busy busy! It’s the most wonderful time of the year right 😜 but also the busiest! 

Also if you didn’t know I recently started a YouTube channel so I have been doing vlogmas over there…not a vlog everyday but trying to get as many up as possible! I shared a holiday party, grocery haul, workout and a halo top ice cream review of the new flavors! Make sure to check them out if you haven’t already 💗

So back to this week….When we were at the gym this week I decided to try to a few things again for the first time since my most recent surgery. Sometimes when we try new things it can go great and other times… not so great! That’s exactly what happened to me. 

I tried jumping again and I was so nervous and scared. But I dug down deep and told myself it is ok to be scared, but never let your fear of failure or being scared that you will make a mistake keep you from trying. So I decided to go for it..what’s that song…knees weak and palms sweaty? Well that was me. Do you know what? I did it! I lowered the box so  it was super short and held onto the wall and made it work for me, but who says you can’t change things up so they work for you!!! I was so excited in the gym!! I didn’t know whether to yell and tell everyone in the room that I just jumped or if I was going to start crying. But instead I just jumped again…and again…and again! It was a little scary and it took a lot of concentration but I did it!!! 

A few days later I decided to see if I could hold a plank again on the floor…remember, some things work out and some don’t…and planking did not. I immediately felt it pull up my arm and into my neck and it instantly gave me a headache and I felt lightheaded like I was going to pass out. I had to sit there for a minute and just breathe. I was so frustrated! I used to be able to plank for 2 minutes and now I couldn’t even hold it for 10 seconds. 

This pain is pretty “normal” for me. When I had all of the excess skin on my stomach I did not have the correct posture to stand/move move or do exercises, like planking, without hurting my neck. I got a lot of headaches from this. Now that the skin has been removed it is so much better, but with my arm strength still pretty weak from surgery, it was just a bad combo. 

You never know what you can and cannot do unless you try! I was able to jump again…maybe I cannot plank yet but I will not focus on that. I will focus on the fact that I tried something I was scared to do. Whether it went well like jumping, or not so well like planking, I still tried. I looked fear in the eye and said “not today.”

Day by day I am getting stronger. Having the skin removal surgery has been quite the recovery, but so worth it. I am stronger then ever, able to move and finally be able to correct my posture and strengthen my body. 

Sometimes we have to take a few steps back in order to take 20 steps forward. 

I was so happy when Friday came around! With baking and working out and vlogging I am pooped! My moms birthday was yesterday and it was a nice day! We went to church in the morning and then went to some very good family friends house for dinner and my aunt and cousins all came over and we had…wait for it…Panera bread for dinner. My mom loves that place and that is what she wanted for her birthday so that’s what we all had! So we picked that up for everyone and we ate together and just relaxed and had a nice time! 

Now Kevin and I are going to go have a little date night! We might go see a movie or have some dinner and go look at Christmas lights! This outfit is so cute for date night but so comfy too! I am loving lace cami and this green one is super cute and festive! I paired it with a longer black blazer and these cute leopard mules! It is starting to get colder here so I might have to start wearing something warmer soon…but not quite yet! 

Hope you guys are having a great weekend!!! 


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