Holiday Pajamas; The Great Indoors and Plaid Shorts

I love this picture!! And if this doesn’t scream holiday cheer then I don’t know what does!  But if we are  being honest I almost didn’t want to post this. So when I got these pajamas my first thought was  automatically like “there is no way I was going to post a picture in these shorts” no matter how much I loved them! I told myself they would be fine to sleep in, but knew deep down how “bad” they would look on me. I had it programmed into my brain that I can’t wear shorts. When I got home they fit perfectly but that feeling of thinking how “bad” they must look kicked in right away. Kevin thought they looked cute. Of course I did not believe him. So I decided to have him take my picture in them to prove to myself how “bad” they really did look. But instead, after I saw the picture, it captured something completely different. I did not see how bad my legs looked. When I first looked at this picture the first thing I saw was pure holiday joy! I saw myself happy and that made me smile. It was then followed by my second reaction which was OMG my legs…but you know what? That’s ok. It’s ok to feel insecure. We are human. So why would I let a little insecurity like the skin on my legs stop me from sharing a picture that just shows…joy! I know what posting this picture might bring. Comments asking why my legs are so big, why is my top half so small and bottom half so large and my personal favorite, people telling me I have lipodema. The bottom line? So what if I have big legs, or even if I did have lipodema. That is not the point. Our job is to love others, and love ourselves! We should not look at a picture of others, or ourselves and see everything that is wrong with it. So I hope when you look at this pic you will see past all of my imperfections, look past my legs, and just see me, a girl who worked damn hard to get here and worked even harder to finally be happy! I am sending joy and happiness to all of you and hope you have the courage to embrace all of your insecurities too and just decide to be happy! This picture is just that… a girl who is happy…FINALLY!!!




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