Skin Removal Surgery Announcement (Surgeries 3 & 4)

Where does the time go? Seriously how can it be 6 months already since my second skin removal surgery and 10 months since my first surgery!?!?  I feel like I blinked and here we are.  Although I have to admit, while I was going through the healing, time definitely did not fly by…time actually stood still haha. There is a lot of talk and debate regarding the whole skin removal surgery process.  Some people are all for it, while for others they choose not to have their excess skin removed.  There are also those who think its not right and not needed and consider it a “cosmetic procedure”.  Don’t get me started on that one…I will save that for another day and another blog.  Whether you choose to have your excess skin removed, or not is a very personal decision and it is completely up to the person going through it.  For me, after losing over 300 pounds, It was very much needed, my skin caused me a lot of physical and mental pain. So whatever your decision is on it, or wherever you stand its ok.  I am just sharing with you my experience and my journey of going through the process of having my excess skin removed because it is the right choice for me. Period.

So I am just going to give a little background about my weight loss and the surgeries I have had so far.  I have a few other blog posts where I go into more detail if you want to read about that.  But for now, I will just share the basics.

In March 2012 I weighed over 500 pounds.  I know crazy right?  I started my journey and have never looked back.  As of March 2016, I have lost over 350 pounds.  I lost all of my weight through changing my diet and exercising.  I get a lot of questions about if I had weight loss surgery to help me lose the weight and the answer is no.

In July 2016, I had my first skin removal surgery at Bay Area Aesthetic  Surgery with Dr. Beck.  He performed a circumferential lower body lift with a fleur de leis.  

In November 2016, I had my second procedure where Dr Beck did a circumferential upper body lift, an arm lift and also removed the skin from my armpit all the way down my sides to almost my belly button.

Update on my second surgery-

I am healing beautifully.  The scars are almost all the way faded already which is crazy.  You can hardly see them.  My back incision is the most visible and is still a little red and this is due to the fact that you are constantly moving, bending and stretching which affects it a lot.

As far as pain goes, I still have some tightness in my back and can definitely feel a little pulling when I bend over.  Its not painful just feels like a big stretch.  My arms are still pretty weak, but they are not painful at all.  The incision in my armpit still feels a little funny and definitely starts to become sore when I lift something heavy or do too much in my workouts.  The incision going from my belly button up to under my chest is still a little tight and when I lay back and stretch, or stand all the way up, lifting my arms up to the sky and really stretch, that incision is still super tight as well.  I have gotten back into my workout routine and workout out 5-6 days per week.  I am still working on building my strength back up in my arms as well as my upper back and shoulders.

Overall I was told I am healing amazing.  Most importantly I feel great.  I knew after having the skin removed I would just feel better, but to be honest I couldn’t even imagine how good it would feel.  It is seriously like someone lifted a huge boulder off of my shoulders and I can finally breathe.  It’s hard to explain, but physically and mentally having that skin removed was one of the best decisions I could have ever made.

So yes, surgery is painful I am not going to lie.  It is not fun.  And I did cry…a lot.  But the feeling of looking in the mirror and actually seeing yourself and all of your hard work is a feeling like no other.  I still sometimes can’t believe that this is me.

So now for the news everyone has been waiting for.  Whats next?  OK so here it goes


1.  On June 21, I will be having my third surgery.  Dr Beck is going to do some revisions on my arms and remove MORE skin.  I had A LOT of excess skin on my arms, and we just couldn’t get it all at one time.  So after healing and letting everything loosen and move, we now we can go back and remove the rest of it.  It is funny because I knew this was a possibility the whole time.  I knew that we may have to do another surgery for my arms, so now instead of letting myself be nervous about going through this again (because if you followed me during my second surgery it was pretty brutal for me) I am just telling myself “it was so fun so we are just going to do it again,”  What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger right?  

2. SURPRISE!  I am having surgery number 4 one week after this on June 28!  Not only am I sharing my third surgery with you guys but my forth as well!  This surgery, Dr Beck will remove some more skin from my upper back area and tighten up the whole area as well.  He will also try to remove a fatty lump I have on my back which I developed from being so overweight.  It is pretty much just a big fatty lump that sits right below my shoulder blade and kinda just pops out…everywhere haha 

Both of these surgeries are somewhat smaller procedures (compared to my first two) and will be done as outpatient procedures.  I get to come home the same day which is good.    Spending the night in the hospital is no fun for me at all.  That is also why we can do them so close together.

I am trying to be brave, but I am still nervous.  There is a quote that I told myself over and over again before my very first surgery and I still keep telling myself to this day. “Its ok to be scared.  Being scared means you are about to do something really brave.”  Just like anything in life, we are going to have to face situations that may be hard, and may be scary and push us outside of our comfort zones.  I think more than anything I am excited.  I am really excited.  Scared, excited, nervous, happy, anxious..these are all the emotions I am feeling and going through.  But no matter how I am feeling, I know it will be SO WORTH IT!!!!!  


I really appreciate all of your love and support!  Positive vibes, thoughts and prayers are greatly appreciated!!!!  So bring it on.  I am ready!  My journey is far from over and I am so glad to have you along with me as I continue this part of my journey!! 




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