Quick Easy “Meal Prep” Chicken Quesadilla

Ok so I know what you are thinking.  Am I really showing you how to make a quesadilla?  That seems so easy!  But yes!  Thats the point!  I want to show you guys how meal prepping and getting ready for the weekdays not have to be boring or mean that you have to eat the same thing over and over again!

So today I am doing the second recipe to my meal prep easy meals- chicken edition.  And this time I am making one of my all time favorites…Mexican food!  I use the chicken breast I grilled earlier this week.  I like using the chicken to create some of my favorite food.  I love making nachos, tacos, taco salads and of course chicken quesadillas.  SO I am sharing with you one of my favorite ways to use pre cooked chicken to make something spicy, delicious and that definitely hits the spot when taco Tuesday comes around!  I hope you love this as much as I do! So lets get cooking!

Quick Easy “Meal Prep” Chicken Quesadilla



Cooked Chicken Breast (amount depends on your meal plan)

Reduced Fat Mexican Cheese (amount depends on your meal plan)

Green Salsa (Optional)

Jalapeño Peppers (Optional)

Veggies of your choice (onions and bell peppers are also great I choose just jalapeños tonight)

Flat Out Bread Thin



1. Pre heat your pan or panini grill ( I LOVE my panini grill)

2. Cut up your chicken and your peppers and your veggies

3. Put half of your flat-out bread on the grill or pan and put your chicken, cheese and veggies inside and fold the other half of bread over to make quesadilla.  If using a panini grill, than just cover the top and let it grill up for a few minutes until nice and golden brown.  If using a pan, flip the quesadilla over to crunch up the other side half way through.

4. cut into triangle pieces

5. enjoy!

*the measurements in this recipe are to fit my eating plan.  The amount of cheese and chicken that you have is completely up to you and you should have the amount that works for you and your meal plan!

I love eating this with a side salad and loading the salad with veggies and topping the salad with lots of salsa! So good!!

I hope you guys enjoyed this Quick Easy “Meal Prep” Chicken Quesadilla

Like I aways say, eating healthy or preparing your food ahead of time does not need to be boring and you definitely do not need to eat the same thing over and over again!  In no time at all you can take your already prepared chicken and create really anything you feel like eating.  If you make this recipe make sure to tag me in your pictures.  I would love to see!! 




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