My Favorite Snacks to Bring With Me When I Travel.

I have a few special trips coming up over the next few weeks that I am so excited about!  Since I will be traveling a lot, I thought it would be the perfect time to share some of my favorite snacks that are perfect to take on the go, on the airplane as well as great options to keep with you in your purse or bag.  

I love to travel, but sometimes it can be hard, especially when you have certain goals in mind and when you really want to stick to your healthy eating plan.  Travel can definitely make our eating choices more challenging and harder to stay on track.  Over the years I have learned that it is really important to have healthy snack options with you at all times, especially when you are out of town because the last thing you need is to have to worry about finding a healthy snack option, especially if you are starving!  Most of the time we will reach for something that is convenient when we are really hungry and won’t care what it is.  Sometimes we can really regret it later.  


Here are a few of my favorite travel snack options.  Please let me know if you have tried any of these options or what your favorite snacks are when you travel.

1.  Fresh Fruit

 This option is great to bring on the airplane or to eat in the car or somewhere where you will be eating it sooner rather than later.  My favorite fruit to bring with me is apple slices.  I wrap the slices in a wet paper towel and throw it in a plastic bag and I am good to go.  I also love bringing berries, oranges or grapes.

2. Freeze Dried Fruit

 I love these!  You can find them pretty much anywhere now like local grocery stores, Trader Joes or even amazon.  Just make sure to check the ingredient list and make sure the only ingredient is dried fruit.  I get a big box that has a variety of different fruit that is already pre packaged from Costco.  


3. Fruit Bars

Can you tell I love fruit?  These bars are amazing.  I get the “Thats it” Bars or the Trader Joes Fruit Bars.  The only ingredients are fruit.  So easy to keep in your purse or bag at all times.


4. Veggies


5. Bars

I always have a bar in my purse, in my car and make sure I take a few extra with me in my purse whenever I travel.  I love Quest Bars and of course I always have my Jenny Craig Anytime Bar.  Any protein bar or granola bar you like is always good to keep on hand.


6. Chips/Popcorn

I always bring a snack with me like this.  I always travel with my Jenny Craig popcorn or cheese curls.  I also LOVE Quest chips.  I also sometimes get a big bag of skinny pop and portion it out into plastic bags and can have a bag each day that is already ready to go.


7.  Protein Powder

 I love keeping a travel size packet of protein with me just in case I need something to fill me up, or when I am just really hungry and need some protein.  Jut get some water and shake it up.


8.  Gum/ Mints

I know what you are thinking.  This is not a snack.  Howrver when I am really hungry mints and gum literally save me.  Always a must for me, even when I am not traveling.  I always have sugar free mints and gum on hand.


I hope you got a few different snack ideas to help make travel a little easier.  I know for me having snacks with me is key so I know that I always have something available to me and don’t have to worry about finding something or eating something I will regret just becsaue I was hungry.


Being prepared is so important and it helps you stay on track even when your routine is a little off. You are always the one in control and by bringing healthy snack options with you, it makes it a lot easier to be successful!




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