How I Started Exercising…Even at 500 Pounds.

500 pounds.  A number I never dreamed I would ever see when I stepped on the scale.

For me, while I was gaining weight, I avoided the scale at all costs.  I did not want to see what the number was.  For me, if I did not see it, it was not real.

Being in denial about my weight did not do me any good.  To be honest it probably made it worse.

Sometimes I think “if I would have stepped on the scale earlier, I would have never let myself to reach that number.”  I am a firm believer that everything happens for a reason, and not living in the past.  I try not to think about the “what if’s”, no matter how hard it is for me not to do.

So saying “What if I weighed myself sooner” does not change the fact that I didn’t and does not help me in any way now

So there I was, weighing over 500 pounds.  I could barely get out of bed, put my shoes on, or get dressed without getting out of breath.

When I decided it was time for things to change and when I decided I was ready to start my weightless journey, I had no plan on working out…if we are being completely honest.  I just wanted to lose weight and changing my eating habits was enough for me to just get me started

For the first few weeks, I focused on my food.  I was sticking to my meal plan and putting all of my energy on improving my diet.  I did however move as much as I could.  I would simply just walk.  I would be more aware of not just sitting at work and asking others to help me. I would do more for myself and try standing more.  I stretched more.  I just started moving more.  I was aware of my body and my actions a lot more than before.

Once a few weeks pasted, I really began walking.  Kevin and I would walk one short block in front of our house everyday after work.  A 5 minute walk turned into a 10 minute walk, which than turned into a 20 minute walk.  Soon we were walking around the whole neighborhood

As the weight began coming off, and I felt stronger and more confidant by just walking and moving and being aware of my body, that is when I began some at home workouts.

I found some aerobic, walking and pop pilates videos.  I would start off just like I did with walking.  Doing as much as I could.

I would do 5 minutes of the video, than 10, and I would be able to do half of the workout.

 Soon I worked my way up to being able to do the whole video!!

I was walking for a half hour or doing a half hour of my workout videos almost everyday!  Soon I found myself going for a 30 minute walk and than coming home to do a 30 minute at home workout.

Sometimes I would even switch it up and go walk around the mall and window shop.  It made me motivated to see all of the cute clothes that I saw and would love to wear.  It sometimes even motivated me to walk longer, and even go up and down the stairs.

So exercise for me started very slowly.  Just like with losing weight, I took it one day at a time.

 So if I had to offer you guys tips or suggestions as to what I feel is the best way to start exercising it would be

1.  Become aware of how much you sit.  Try walking and standing more throughout the day.

2. Walk, walk, walk.  Walk as much as possible.  Set small goals for yourself.  Do 5 minutes everyday.  Than 10, than gradually keep increasing.  Hitting those goals will make you feel so good!

3. Try parking farther away at the grocery store, mall, or at work so that you have to walk more.  You can even try talking the stars instead of elevators or escalators.

4. Get a pedometer or something to track your steps.  Just like with walking set small goals.  Try walking 1,000 steps, than 3,000, 5,000, and than even 10,000!

5. Find a buddy to walk with or motivate you.  It is so mice to have someone to do it with so on the days you don’t feel like doing it, they will help motivate you and you can keep each other going!

6. Try at home workouts.  Try something new like a fun dance, or new moves or activities.  Just have fun!  Don’t worry about being perfect or if you can do it for the whole time or exactly how they are doing it.  Just have fun and move!

7. Listen to your body.  Know the difference between just being tired or not wanting to do it and actually needing to stop because you are in pain.

and finally… 

8. Believe in yourself.  I know that I say this a lot but it is so true!  Do the best that you can.  Compete with yourself and no one else!  Make sure that you always give it your best.

 This is a journey.  It will be hard and it will take time.  We all start somewhere.  Whats important is that you just start.  Taking the first step is the hardest.  Just take it one day at a time and before you know it, you will only be looking back to see how far you have come!  

*Disclaimer- I am just sharing with you what worked for me and what I did to begin exercising. I am not telling you that you need to do this or that you have to do this. I am not a professional. I would recommend checking with your doctor to see what’s best for you. I am just sharing my tips, ideas and what I personally found to help me. 



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