Feeling Beautiful in My Own Skin

I was so excited when I saw this dress! Last spring I saw a whole bunch of my favorite bloggers posting about this dress, and it actually looked like it might finally possibly be something that I would be able to wear! It fit all of my criteria at the time! It seemed pretty long in length and it had sleeves which I loved so it would somewhat cover all the skin on my arms. The only problem now was if it was even going to fit….. This was one of the first times that I actually had the opportunity to go into a store, with a picture of this “perfect dress” and was hoping it would fit. Needless to say after crying in the dressing room when it actually did fit and I felt so confidant and beautiful wearing it, it just had to come home with me! I was so happy when I saw this dress come back in stock THIS spring and in a few new colors too! I might have to take a trip to Nordstrom and pick up another color haha. This was my perfect dress. The fit, the memories, the style…such a sense of pride when I wear it, even to this day! No matter how much weight I have lost, or how many skin removal surgeries I have had or will have, there is no such thing as a “perfect” body. There are always going to be certain parts that we wish were smaller, stronger, bigger, taller etc. I am not meaning to say if you hate your legs you have to find or wear clothes to cover them up, or if your arms have loose skin that it needs to be covered. That’s not the case at all. What I am saying is we all feel self conscious at times. We all have our insecurities. We all wish something was just a little different. And that is ok!! Finding clothes that we actually feel beautiful in is huge. I was not worried about how big my legs looked or how much my arm skin would shake and move around which can often times make me feel very insecure. But in this dress I actually felt like myself, no labels, no judgement, no insecurities and no self hatred. I felt beautiful within my own skin. I did not care if others did not think it looked good. Or if it covered “enough”. That did not matter. I actually found something that I felt good in. I felt confidant. In the end that’s what matters! That’s the point. Allowing yourself to say “I am beautiful.”  This Easter, even if the rain was falling down, I knew this was still the dress I wanted to wear! I hope you are all having a great day and enjoying all this day has to offer! Remember even small things, like buying a dress that makes you just feel so good, is a reason to celebrate and smile and be proud of how AMAZING you are!!! So buy the dress. Twirl. Dance. Sing. And love yourself!!!



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