Disney Food, All in? or All out? Let’s Find a Happy Medium!

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jacqueline sleeping beauty castle disneyland disney food blogDisneyland. The Happiest Place on Earth! A Place that is Full of Magic, Smiles, Love and of Course Delicious Disney Food, Treats and Goodies!

Along my weight loss journey, every time I went to Disneyland I completely restricted my food. I brought my own food and snacks into the park and did not have any treats or food that I did not bring with me. While I was so focused and dedicated to losing weight, this restrictive mindset did not help me years later when I realized I did have a binge eating disorder. A completely restrictive lifestyle was only fueling the disordered eating.

I am really trying to find a balance. A middle ground. Being a huge Disney fan and visiting the park often, I knew I wanted to be able to find that middle ground with my food and when I was in Disneyland as well. I know I can go to Disneyland and bring all of my own foods and be completely fine. I also know that it is ok to go into the park and try the treats, foods, and goodies and not stress while I am there. Both options are ok, but right now, I am working on balance and not being “all in” and binging out, or “all-out” and not allowing myself to eat anything and totally restricting myself. I am working on finding what works best for me.

Since I am working on this myself, and I get a lot of questions about Disneyland and about the food, what I eat, the food and treats, do I allow treats, what do I recommend for different foods, I thought I would start sharing more Disneyland content surrounding Disney food. I am looking forward to sharing how I deal with the whole food situation, and what works for me in trying to find balance in my life.jacqueline before and after minnie ears disney food blog

All in? Or All out? That is the Question.

In the past, as I mentioned, I used to bring all of my own food into the park. I would pre-portion dry cereal, bring a sandwich, pre-portioned salad dressing, snacks, protein shakes and powders, baby carrots, fruit…I brought everything I needed to eat and stay on track. For me, this was pretty easy at the beginning of my weight loss journey. I was so focused on losing weight that this is actually what I wanted to do. In terms of food and eating, if you choose to do this, I promise you will still have a great time in Disneyland. And there is absolutely nothing wrong with this option.Grey Stuff Gâteau Disney Food blog

For me, I think in terms of balance, bringing snacks and some foods available helps me not just go crazy and eat everything in sight. I think my happy medium will be knowing I have some healthy options with me, but still allowing myself some treats. Disneyland also has lots of healthy snacks and food options that you can easily get while in the parks too! So if you don’t want to worry about packing snacks, you can always find something healthy and yummy while you are there. I will also be making a post sharing some of my favorite go-to snacks that I love bringing with me as well as my favorite healthy snack options that I purchase inside the parks.loaded fries from hungry bear disneyland disney food blog

Let’s find the happy medium

I also know what it is like to just say, I am going to enjoy my trip, eat all of the food and snacks I want and just enjoy my time in Disneyland. There are so so many treat options that it can be hard to resist. I GET IT. Also if you are unable to frequently travel to Disney, it might be worth it to you, to not stress and just enjoy your time while you are there. If you choose this option, do not feel bad or guilty. It is ok too. Enjoy your trip, do what feels right for you and come home and just keep moving forward following the plan you have in place.

Remember there is also the middle of the road. The path I am trying to get on. You do not have to be all or nothing. Especially with my Binge Eating, I have found that staying in that middle ground is helpful right now. I am more than ok with this option. It is all about what works best for you and what you want to do. So this last trip, that is exactly what I did and exactly what I kept in mind. I told myself, “balance Jacqueline, balance.”jacqueline and kevin sleeping beauty castle disneyland disney food blog

I think I’m Getting There

On this past Disney trip, I was able to enjoy some Halloween treats and enjoy my time in the parks without stressing over the food I was eating or not eating. That feeling of being in control of what I am doing and not completely binging out or completely restricting myself felt amazing!disney Halloween Apples disney food blog

With all of that being said I thought I would start sharing some Disney Food items/treats. I want to share what I choose to eat and try, and rank them, if I loved it, kinda liked it, or did not think it was worth it. I will rank these Disney food items on a scale of 1-10 and I will be completely honest with how I feel about the foods I choose to try. In addition to some treats of the not so healthy variety, I will also share my favorite healthy snacks. I will be sure to share my favorite (definitely worth it) treats and all of the tips and tricks I am learning along the way to find balance with my food choices. So I won’t only be sharing and ranking the goodies, I will be sharing some healthy options and trying and ranking healthy snacks and other Disney food too.disney halloween cake pops disney food blog

Lots of Disney Food to look forward to

There are tons of food blogs and YouTubers out there and a lot of people go to the Disney parks and they try ALL of the snacks and goodies. As much as I love watching and reading that, and would love to do that, for me right now, that is just not realistic. Like said, its all about choosing what we want, not having it all and finding that happy medium. I will be sharing what I choose to try or what other people I go with choose to try.jacqueline disneyland train station disney food blog

It is so exciting to share some Disney food with you guys!!!! I think I am finally at a place in my journey where I can confidently talk about food, share food, try new foods and know that I am the one in control over what I choose to eat or not eat.Adorable Snowman Pixar Pier Parfait disney food blog

Let me know down in the comments if you have a favorite Disney treat if there are foods you might want me to try or tips that would help you at Disneyland!!! Also like always, if you have specific blog suggestions to topics you would like me to talk about let me know too!

Stay sweet!



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