My Thoughts, Feeling and Opinions on Disney Halloween Treats from Disneyland 2019

jacqueline and kevin Disney halloween treats 2019

With Halloween passing on Thursday, I thought I would share some of the fun and super cute Disney Halloween treats Kevin and I tried when we were in Disneyland a few weeks ago. If you want to read more about this new food series and how I will be ranking some Disney foods and what Disney treats and goodies I choose to try, click HERE and you can read more about this new blog series.

But let’s just jump right on into the Disneyland Halloween Food, Drink and Treats we tasted and tried in Disneyland!!! These reviews and ratings are not listed in any particular order. This is not a paid or sponsored post, we bought and purchased all of the items with our own money and the thoughts and feelings are genuine and my own or the people that I traveled with.

I know that since Halloween season is over, most if not all of these treats and food items are now gone from the parks. With that being said I do know that most seasonal food and drink items come back every year. If you find yourself in the parks next Halloween season look to see if these items are available. Keep reading to see my thoughts and ratings.

13th Hour Brew

Harbour Galley in New Orleans Square, Disneyland

9/10 Mickeys

Mickey Mouse Rating 9 of 1013th Hour Brew
I loved this coffee!!! A lot!!! The coffee is very strong and it is not sweet at all. I did mix the sweet foam into it and it was much better but I did end up adding some stevia and it was perfect!!! The coffee was strong, but not bitter and had a good flavor. The foam is what made it for me!!! It was like a sweet cinnamon vanilla foam, kinda tasted like whipped cream. It was delicious!!! I want one now!!! The only reason it doesn’t get a 10/10 was that It was not sweet enough for me, however, adding the sweetener and mixing the foam made it pretty close to the perfect cup of coffee. Definitely recommend for a little morning or afternoon ( or anytime) treat. This treat is 100% worth it.  I hope it stays or they bring it back because it is a must-try if you like coffee!

Pumpkin Spice Mickey Beignets

Mint Julep Bar – New Orleans Square, Disneyland

10/10 Mickeys

Pumpkin Spice Mickey BeignetsYou can never go wrong with Mickey Beignets so I always recommend these as a little treat while in Disneyland. You can get them in a bag of 3 or 6 and you absolutely can share them. But these Pumpkin Spice Beignets…OMG!!!! They are delicious. These tasty Mickey-shaped treats are not overly pumpkiny, which I love. The pumpkin spice is so good, it can be tasted but it is subtle. I am not a huge fan of pumpkin spice, so I was a little nervous to try these, but then ended up being one of my favorite treats from the whole trip. HIGHLY recommend.

Festive Halloween Caramel Apples

Various Candy Shops Throughout both parks and Downtown Disney

10/10 Mickeys

disney Halloween Apples disney food blogCaramel apples are a classic staple in Disneyland. My dad always wants me to bring him one home every time we go without him. Honestly, I have never had one that I did not like. I think this a great treat to bring home and have a piece of magic when you get home.  I like taking these home and cutting them up and sharing them with everyone because they will not cut them for you in the park and it can be hard to bite. The poison apple and maleficent apple for Halloween were just too cute to pass up. So my dad got both.

disneyland poison apple caramel apple

disneyland maleficent caramel apple

The poison apple did not have much of a taste. Kinda just tasted like sugar and apple and did not have too much caramel, but looks wise it was a 10/10. The maleficent apple had caramel and then was covered in dark chocolate and white chocolate that was dyed green for the face. The horns were rice crispy treats. This one was my favorite of both the apples we got and definitely gets a 10/10 on cuteness (spookiness ) too.  The caramel apples are always the cutest treats around and what’s not to love about a caramel apple covered with chocolate I love sharing them and usually just get whatever one I think is the cutest, or most festive while I am there.  The Maleficent and Poison Apple were the winners of this trip.

Festive Halloween Cake Pops

Various Candy Shops Throughout both parks and Downtown Disney

6/10 Mickeys

Mickey Mouse Rating 6 of 10

disney halloween cake pops disney food blog

I Normally NEVER get cake pops but these were too cute to pass on. In my opinion the cake pops in Disneyland are nothing special for taste, but again they are really cute! I think they taste good, but I am not much of a cake pop fan…so if you LOVE cake pops I would say to give them a try and pick which one that you think is super cute and looks good. Otherwise, I would pass on these sweet snacks. There are so many other treat options that, in my opinion, are so much better for taste and for calories. These are good cake pops but I would much rather choose a different sweet treat.  Just my opinion.disneyland jack skellington cake popdisneyland cauldron cake popThe Jack Skellington cake pop was a vanilla cake and it was super moist, but just tasted ok…there was nothing special about it.  I only took one bite to taste it, and took the rest home to give away.  If it does not taste good, I do not eat it to just eat it.  This is something I have been working on, and I think that is helping me an my relationship with food.
The cauldron cake pop was actually really tasty. It was a chocolate cake pop, with rock candies, sour rope and some sort of raspberry flavoring. This was actually really really good.  Kevin and I actually shared and ate this one. They have a lot of different cake flavors and designs throughout the parks and I would recommend getting one if you love cake pops OR you just want something small or something cute.

Seasonal Halloween Rice Crispy Treats

Various Candy Shops Throughout both parks and Downtown Disney

6/10  Mickeys

Mickey Mouse Rating 6 of 10

disneyland maleficent crispy treatI think Disneyland has some great Rice Crispy treats, but again, I think you can find a better treat and snack. For me, these are always so cute, but not some of my favorite treats in Disneyland. I do think Disneyland has some of the best Rice Crispy treats, but when in Disneyland, I prefer to get different treats. They are good, but again, not worth it for me. This Maleficent one was super cute so I had to get it to try, but I did not finish it. It was very sweet and I chose not to finish this and have something else instead. Good, but a pass for me personally.

Slow Burnin’ Mac and Cheese Cone

Cozy Cone Motel – Cars Land, California Adventure

9/10  Mickeys

Mickey Mouse Rating 9 of 10

Disneyland Slow Burnin' Mac and Cheese ConeI have wanted to try this one for a few years now. I knew when we went down for Halloween, I had to get it. In my opinion I did not think it was very spicy, but it definitely had a kick. The hot Cheetos that were on top were a nice touch, but I wish there was more throughout the rest of the mac and cheese. The black cone just tasted like regular bread. It was not flavored or spicy. I like the bread cones from the Cozy Cone Motel. So I would highly recommend trying this treat if you like spicy food and are a fan of mac and cheese.  This Slow Burnin’ Mac and Cheese Cone was worth the wait for me to try this!!!!

“Spoke-y” Cone Macaron

Cozy Cone Motel – Cars Land, California Adventure

7/10  Mickeys

Mickey Mouse Rating 7 of 10

Disneyland "Spoke-y" Cone MacaronI love macarons and I think Disneyland makes some great macarons. I have tried a few different ones and they never disappoint. This specific variety was very sweet! It had marshmallow frosting and actual candy corn pieces inside. I loved it, but after a few bites, it was too much for me. Very good, very sweet and something I would recommend for sharing. If you are a fan of macarons and candy corn, I think this is worth a try!

Minnie Witch Shake

SCHMOOZIES! – Hollywood Land, California Adventure

3/10  Mickeys

Mickey Mouse Rating 3 of 10
Disneyland Minnie Witch ShakeOk…this one makes me really sad. I was so excited to try this one and I had heard so many good things about it. Also since it was mint chocolate chip, oreo cookie, and Minnie Mouse, all of my favorite things, I thought this would be my favorite treat. I was very disappointed with this one. It was very watery and did not have much flavor. The whipped cream was very thick and left a coating in your mouth. I think that for the one I had, I maybe had a bad batch that needed more ice cream and less milk…but I have to rank it and base my review on what I tasted and I did not like it.  I ended up only taking a few sips and threw it away.

Caramel Apple Smoothie

SCHMOOZIES! – Hollywood Land, California Adventure

6/10  Mickeys

Mickey Mouse Rating 6 of 10

Disneyland Caramel Apple Shake
Kevin got this smoothie and he liked it. It kinda had the consistency of a yogurt and fruit smoothie, not so much like ice cream or a milkshake and it tasted like a green apple. The smoothie had swirls of caramel throughout and it tasted just like a caramel apple pop. It was very very sweet! I think it was good, but for me, I would not get it again. Kevin said he would have liked it better if he had someone to share it with since it was very sweet and he could not drink the whole thing because it was a little too much. But he really did like it. He said he would get it again only if someone wanted to share, but would not get it alone again. I would pass on this and try something else instead.

Maleficent Churro with Marshmallow Dipping Sauce

Churro Cart Near Sleeping Beauty Castle, Disneyland

9/10  Mickeys

Mickey Mouse Rating 9 of 10
Disneyland Maleficent Frappichino and Maleficent ChurroThis was amazing!! It tasted like a normal Disneyland Churro which is always a winner in my book, but it was also rolled in chocolate cookie crumbs so it had a chocolate flavor as well. If you looked closely at the coating there were some purple and green sugar sprinkles mixed in to give the Maleficent color scheme. The dipping sauce was like a melted marshmallow dip, I liked the churro without the sauce better, but Kevin liked the dipping sauce. The sauce was an addition $1 so I do not think it was worth the price or the extra calories, although it was good, I would pass on the dip. The churro itself tasted so so good. I highly recommend this one.

Maleficent Frappuccino

Starbucks In both parks and Downtown Disney

8/10  Mickeys

Mickey Mouse Rating 8 of 10
Disneyland Maleficent Frappichino and Maleficent ChurroThe Frappuccino was surprisingly very good. I actually, really liked it. It was a fruity blueberry and vanilla bean crème frappuccino that was blended with diced dragon fruit and topped with matcha tea whip cream. It was sweet but also very refreshing and very good.  Kevin and I got a small one and shared it. This is a cream based frappuccino meaning that it doesn’t have coffee it and would be perfect for kids to share if you need to get your Starbucks fix to make it through the parks.  Normally I stay away from the cream based frappuccinos because I love coffee, but I would definitely have this as more of a smoothie or once and a while sweet treat since I prefer my Starbucks drinks to have coffee.  I would order this again but most of the time I would prioritize some sort of coffee drink ahead of this one.

Pan Dulce Ice Cream Sandwich

Rancho Del Zocalo Restaurante – Frontierland, Disneyland

10/10  Mickeys

Disneyland Pan Dulce Ice Cream SandwichThis was amazing!!!! I can not say enough about how delicious this was. The colorful Mexican shell bread was sweet and fluffy. Dulce de Leche ice cream topped with cajeta and churro streusel was just the perfect way to add to this dessert!  It was sooooo good!!!  Being topped with a white chocolate “sugar skull” made this snack fit perfectly with the dia de los muertos theme in the restaurant and surrounding area. If they have this again or you see it, grab it. Share it. Enjoy it. I highly recommend it. It is AMAZING!!!!!!

Blackberry Midnight Julep

Mint Julep Bar – New Orleans Square, Disneyland

4/10  Mickeys

Mickey Mouse Rating 5 of 10
Disneyland Blackberry Midnight JulepThis drink was not bad, but not my favorite either. The flavor was a blackberry, citrus and mint with a lychee “moon” . It was really sweet and had a very strong mint flavor. I would not get this again, but I am glad I tried it.  The Mint Julep Bar always has a traditional mint julep and and one seasonal flavored mint julep.  I think that because I am not a huge fan of fresh mint in my drinks that these aren’t really my first choice for a treat.

Horchata Churro with Condensed Milk Dipping Sauce

Churros Near Goofy’s Sky School – Paradise Gardens Park, California Adventure

6/10  Mickeys

Mickey Mouse Rating 6 of 10

Disneyland Horchata Churro with Condensed Milk Dipping Sauce

This halloween churro was a tasty treat but to be honest I think I would rather have a regular old churro instead of this horchata churro.  The coating for this churro was a regular cinnamon with a vanilla powder or sugar mixed in. Without the dipping sauce the churro by itself was just a little plain and boring.  The condensed milk dipping sauce definitely helped to make it more interesting and I preferred to eat the churro with the sauce.  Overall, for the calories I think I would stick to the original before getting this one again because I think the original is definitely worth it.

There you have it, my thoughts and feelings about 14 different treats.  Some of them were treats and gifts for others, and were not necessarily all treats I would choose for myself.  I did want to share everything that I tried on this Halloween trip to Disneyland.  All of these treats were shared and if we did try a treat and didn’t enjoy it we threw it away instead of just forcing it down because we bought it.

I am still working on allowing myself to try and enjoy different treats and snacks without the need to binge out on everything or without feeling guilty or ashamed if I do try some treats.  It is a work in progress for me to find balance, but I am working on my relationship with food and I think I did a great job on this trip on finding a happy medium.

Which of these treats have you tried and what is your favorite?  Which one are you excited to try next Halloween?? Let me know down below in the comments.

I hope you all had a happy and safe Halloween!



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  • I love your reviews!!! I think everything you tried was so cute and your reviews were honest and detailed! I would love to see you review more savoury stuff and also maybe include prices? I’m not in the US but I would just find that interesting. But I loved this article, and will check back for more. Keep reviewing!

    Alyce Vayle 04.11.2019

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