12 Days of Blogmas. On the Ninth Day of Blogmas.

Day 9 – Christmas Question and Answer

I thought it would be fun to do a little holiday Q&A for you to get to know me and my love for Christmas!  I will leave a blank set of questions below in the comments and I would love for you to fill it out and share your answers and don’t forget to tag me, I would love to see!

 1. What is your favorite thing about Christmas? Everything! the lights, sounds, smells, shopping, wrapping, decorating, movies, music, baking…I LOVE it all!

3. Favorite Christmas movie. Elf

6. Favorite Tradition. Getting dressed up to go to church on Christmas Eve and coming home to have spaghetti and meatballs for dinner.

7. Favorite New Tradition. Baking cookies for Santa with my two little cousins.

9. Have you ever had a white Christmas? YES!  My family went to Aspen with some close family friends and we all spent Christmas together in the snow!  It was magical!

10. What is on your wish list? Peace love and Happiness for all…and maybe a little something from Nordstrom as well. 

11. What is the first thing you to Christmas Morning? Wake Kevin up and then go get my sister and wake her up.

12. What’s for breakfast Christmas morning?  My mom always makes cinnamon rolls with coffee or hot chocolate…but I don’t like cinnamon rolls so I usually had cereal or toast but the past few years I have had the Jenny Craig Cinnamon Rolls which I actually love.

13. Favorite Holiday Drink. Skinny Peppermint Mocha

15. Real or Fake Tree? Kevin and I have a fake tree but a real tree at my parents house

17. Do you leave cookies for Santa? Of course I do!

18. Favorite Christmas Decoration. My parents nativity scene that they have had since before I was born.

19. Do you wake up early or sleep in? I am always the first one awake and it is really early.

20. Favorite place to visit around the Holidays?  DISNEYLAND!!!! It is the most magical place…especially for the holidays!




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