Shelter in place because of Covid-19? At Home Hair Care Q and A with My Stylist Diane.

Diane and Jacqueline in the SalonI am so excited about this post and to share this information with all of you.  I had the opportunity to sit down with my amazing hairdresser, and friend, Diane, and ask her about some ways we can care for and take care of our hair, especially now that salons are closed, we are all quarantined at home and some of us (like me) might be struggling with taking care of their hair at home and what they can and should be doing.  A lot of these answers are super helpful for right now, but also apply for after quarantine is over and salons are open again.  Disclaimer- this is just my hairdresser’s personal opinion, as well as mine and I am sharing her opinions, products we both like, and what she suggests to keep our hair healthy.

I have been going to Diane for over 15 years. She has been doing my hair since I decided to go completely platinum blonde and has been keeping it not only looking gorgeous but really healthy as well.

Before we began this interview I asked Diane what the best way for me to support her was and what others can be doing to support their own hairdressers who are closed due to COVID- 19 and wanted to share this information with you.

She told me that the best thing to do is book an appointment.  Get on your stylists books and let them know they still have your support when this is all over.  You can also buy gift certificates, pay for future appointments, and also buy products directly from your salon.  A lot of salons can do contactless pick up if you really need some good quality products for your hair.  Reach out to your stylist about this and see if it’s an option.  

So let’s get started!!!Diane and Jacqueline in the Salon

The Basics

How to find a good hairdresser or salon in your area?

Diane recommends doing your research. Look up salons in your area.  A good way to find them is in a google search or by using hashtags.  She recommended to look for stylists who might specialize in what you want or what you are looking for.  Diane specializes in hair color and does not do updos.  She would be someone who would be great at changing up your hair color or helping you try something new and exciting.  Others may specialize in cuts, men’s cuts, color correction…all sorts of stuff.  She said find one that specializes in what you are looking for.  Check out their social media, pictures, and check out their work.  Another recommendation she made was to check and see what line of products they use and sell.  She says this is a great way to determine what kind of salon it is.

How often should you be getting a cut or color?

That all depends on what you are looking for, what you have done, and what type of treatments you have on your hair or how fast your hair grows.  Someone who is having permanent color on their hair might not have to go as often as someone like me who likes to frequently have their roots touched up.  As far as a cut goes, she recommends getting at least a trim every 6 weeks or at every other appointment- depending on how often you go.  Getting a trim keeps your hair healthy, helps it grow stronger and more full, and keeps you from damaging the ends of your hair and needing to cut more off in the future.  She said the longer you wait to trim split ends the more damage they actually cause.  They hairs split higher and then you need to cut more hair off rather than just keeping the ends cleaned up more frequently. 

For me, I get my hair colored about every 6 weeks and we do a cut or a trim on my hair at every other appointment.

How often should you wash your hair?

Diane washes her hair once a week.  I wash mine 1-2 times per week.  It is best to really only wash it a few times a week in order for your hair to be able to produce its own natural oils and keep your hair healthy. Right now is the perfect time to “train your hair” and not wash it every day. It might be a little oily and might look a little rough for a few weeks, but hang in there! It will get better and over time it will stop producing so many oils and you will be able to go longer in-between washes. If you are going several days between washes and using a lot of products, Diane recommends doing 2 washes on your hair. One shampoo to help get all of the product build-ups out and then immediately after go in and wash again to actually wash it. I know it may be a little hard or time consuming, but your hair will thank you!

Diane also mentioned that if you are someone who has more oily skin, your hair is more than likely to be more oily too. So its something to keep in mind!

If you don’t like how your cut or color came out, should you speak up?

Diane said ABSOLUTELY!!! You are the one paying for your hair and stylists want you to be happy and like the final product.  It is very important to really discuss what you want, what you are looking for, and have an honest discussion with your stylist before they start.  Also, it is really important to listen to the suggestions and recommendations from your stylist. IF they tell you that in their opinion something will not look great, you might not like it or its just not possible to do- listen to them!  You have to trust your stylist has your best interest at heart.  If you never seem to agree or they can never provide the service you want, no matter how many times you ask, it may be time to find a new stylist.  They are providing a service and want you to be happy with that service. If you end up not liking the final result or its not what you had in mind let them know in a positive and constructive way.  If you are unhappy, please speak up, but remember they are human too and need to be treated with respect!  Remember, speak up, be respectful, and treat others with kindness!  

Hair Care

Favorite Shampoo and Conditioners

Diane and I love many of the same brands.  They are higher-end, but we both believe in putting good quality products in your hair, makes all the difference in the world, especially when it comes to shampoo and conditioner.  

A lot of these brands will also have a description of what that shampoo or conditioner will do such as help with volume, or dry, damaged hair. So pick the one that works best for your hair or what you are looking for.

The brands we love






Bumble and Bumble

Are salon-quality products really better than other less expensive brands?

When it comes to keeping your hair healthy and looking its best, we both believe that you spending that extra money on good quality products is the best way to go. Also if you are only washing your hair a few times a week, you will be saving money in the long run by not needing to buy product as frequently. I know some products are really expensive, but when we are talking about taking care of our hair, to me, its definitely worth it.  I would rather spend a little bit more on my hair products and have healthy hair than not spend on those products and have damaged hair.

A few of our favorite things 


These are a few of our favorites for regular washing of our hair.


These are the conditioners that we love to pair with the shampoo

Hair Masks for at home

We love doing spa days and pampering our hair with some extra love. When salons are open, there are a lot of treatments they can do on your hair, but while we are home, and not at the salon, doing some deep conditioning hair masks is a great way to keep hair healthy. For me, I use one once a month and my hair loves it.

I love the Davines mask and the Kerastase Masks the best.

Heat Protection

Heat protection is MANDATORY when using any amount of heat on your hair.

Hair Oils

Hair Oils will help smooth your hair and give you shine

Texture and Volume Sprays

These sprays give extra volume and texture so that you can get that style you are looking for.

Dry Shampoo

Is it ok to use Dry shampoo?

YES. We love dry shampoo. Diane said that this one is something that you can really try out any brand and see how you like it and how it works for you.

Hair Spray

Some of our favorite hairsprays to keep those styles in tact

Hair Tools

Is investing in good quality hair tools necessary?

YES. Getting good tools will help keep your hair healthy and with the help of a good heat protectant, it will keep your hair from burning and falling out. If you get good tools, they will last for a long long time.

Some of the ones we love are 

Flat Iron
Curling Wand
Hair Dryers

Cuts and Dyes

Should you cut your own hair/bangs?

Put the scissors down. This is not the time to get crazy and decide to cut your own bangs. Resist the urge….unless you are a real risk-taker. She recommends not doing anything drastic when it comes to our own hair cutting at home. The best thing to do it wait it out and have your stylist cut it when salons are open again. IF you are really in need of a trim, the best thing to do it to cut off the tips and ends of your hair…only IF you really need it. The same goes for kid’s hair too! Remember we are all in the same boat and when salons open go support your hairstylist again!

Tips for cutting men’s hair

Again holding off is best.  Otherwise, Diane recommended taking some clippers with a a large guard or long setting.  She recommended staying away from the front and top.  She said with that large guard on start at the bottom and feather away from the head as you go higher on the head to help eliminate some the bulk/heaviness. She also reminded that you can always cut more but you can NOT add some back if you go a little overboard.  She said you can always start with a larger guard/length and then go over again with a shorter guard.  Proceed with caution.

She recommended Wahl as a brand that she loves and uses in the salon but said most kits that you can buy online will get the job done until you can get back to the salon or barber.

Coloring your hair at home

This one may be a tough pill to swallow….don’t do it.  Diane really advised against coloring your own hair at home because of the damage that you can cause your hair.

Sure there are products out there that might be good for coloring your hair at home. But when we are talking about the health of your hair, the best thing to do is wait it out.

IF you are really needing something to cover your grey hair or to help cover your roots, there are a lot of great sprays you can use, shampoos to try and even ways to cover up those roots without turning to hair dye.

A root touchup spray Diane likes.

And for fun color shampoos that are not permanent, Diane likes

If you use a light color shampoo like pink it will wash out in a few washes and is a fun way to change things up…darker colors will take much longer to wash out.

For blondes…well….there is really nothing that we can do if we have darker roots. Using boxed colors or dyes will probably do more harm than good and could even break your hair and cause it to fall out.  Again, I am sure that there are a lot of great at-home hair colors and dyes that work for some people and that they love.  But in our opinion, sticking to sprays, shampoos, and rocking those roots is the best thing we can do right now.

My hair

Jacqueline Fresh Platinum Blonde in the SalonI get a lot of questions about my platinum blonde hair and how I keep it looking so good and so healthy. Honestly, I just take really good care of it and use great products on my hair.  Diane does a great job at keeping my color perfect and cutting and or trimming my hair when it needs to be cut.  I also make sure I use good shampoo and conditioner and religiously use a heat protectant on my hair.  Mixing in some blonde shampoo and some hair masks, not washing my hair every day and not using heat on it every day also makes a huge difference.

I use my purple shampoo about once a month or whenever my hair is looking a little too yellow. It helps to cool off the yellow and give it more of that white and icy look.

Some of my favorite purple shampoos and conditioners for taking that yellow out of the blonde.

Will I Ever Change my Hair

Would I ever change things up and change the color of my hair?  Honestly no, probably not.  I might go a darker blonde or add some darker blonde highlights, but for me, I love my hair and don’t plan on changing anything up anytime soon.  I have naturally dirty blonde hair which always got darker in the winter and lighter in the summer.  When I was little I had really light blonde highlights all throughout the summer.  When I got older I decided to color my whole hair to match more of my natural highlights and then eventually added some platinum highlights.  I then decided to go all over platinum and love it.  I have dyed my hair brown before and I hated it.  I was not happy, did not feel like myself and it took forever to get back to blonde. I think its important to remember to do what feels right for you, what you like and what makes you happy.

I hope this post was helpful to everyone who may have questions about their hair, what to do when salons are not open and how to take care of your hair everyday, even when we are not in quarantine.Jacqueline Waiting Patiently to get her Roots Colored

Any Other Questions?

If you have other questions, leave them down below and I will do my best got get answers them for you.

Stay safe, smile, don’t cut your bangs and hang in there.  We will get through this together and soon enough all of our roots will be gone.

If you are interested in finding out more about my stylist Diane you can find her on Instagram or at Rouge the Salon on Main in Redwood City, CA or at Moss Hair in Granite Bay, CA.


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