My First Boutique Shop Purchase

Shopping, fashion, and beauty have always been something that I have loved.  Going to the mall, looking through the racks and racks of clothes was always one of my favorite things to do.  Being overweight all of my life it was very difficult to find items that I loved or fit and expressed “my style.”  I was often forced to shop online.  That satisfaction of going to the mall and looking through the racks of clothes, was something that I rarely got to enjoy.  Even now after loosing all of this weight, I still struggle with seeing myself as the actual size that I am.  I still feel like the girl who is walking around the mall desperately hoping to squeeze into the largest size that stores offer.

Right before my second surgery I remember Kevin and I going to the mall to finish up our Christmas shopping and seeing a “pop up” boutique called “Shop Lombard and Fifth.”  The clothes in the window were super cute and I fell in love.  However, I didn’t walk in or even mention to Kevin that I wanted to look because I still felt that nothing in there would fit me!   I know I am crazy but honestly my thought process is still sometimes like this.  

After Christmas we went to the mall to walk around and get me out for a little while after surgery.  We passed the same store and their sign said “25% off everything” and they would be there until the end of January.  Kevin who knows me better than I think sometimes took my hand and said “let go see what they have”  The ladies were to super sweet and helpful with trying to help me decide on sizes for everything because I am still swollen and a little sore from surgery and unable to try things on by myself.  When she pulled out the dress, the first thing I thought was “there is no way that is going to fit.”  Since I loved these pieces so much I decided to take them home with me and give them a try.  

I was so excited!  My first purchase from a boutique shop!  I couldn’t believe it.  Shopping in a boutique was something that I have always wanted to do. I left feeling so proud of myself for all of the hard work that I had put in to get me to that point.  After we got home I immediately wanted to try them on and…THEY FIT!  I was bawling my eyes out.  This was a huge moment for me!

Even though I still sometimes struggle with my body image and seeing myself for what I am, I felt accomplished.  It was better than any weigh in and such a huge Non Scale Victory for me!  That girl who always had to buy her clothes online, actually fit in a boutique shop.  

 The moral of my little story is…Never give up!  I had over 300 pounds to lose which seemed impossible.  Take pride in all of your non scale victories and don’t let that number determine your success.  Enjoy the journey.  Celebrate all of the little milestones that you reach.  It is moments like this that we will remember forever!

If you are located in the bay area and want to check out the pop up shop they are in the Hillsdale Mall until January 31st and everything is on sale!  Unfortunately the dress and sunglasses are not available online anymore but they are always adding new things and I’m sure that you can find something that you love.  They still have the top that I got when I went available online in black or white.   

White Scallop Tank Top

Blak Scallop Tank Top 

Happy Shopping!



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