12 Days of Blogmas. On the Third Day of Blogmas.

Day 3  – Stocking Stuffer Gift Guide

Santa would always leave very useful and practical items in our stockings.  When we were younger we would get pencils, erasers, notebooks, hair ties, shampoo, and a new hairbrush.  As we got older we would get things like toothbrush and toothpaste, gift cards to get our hair or nails done, gum, mints, and gift cards for coffee.  No matter how old we got, there was one thing that never changed, we would always receive the best candy in the whole world.  My favorite would always be a little scotch mallow Christmas tree from See’s Candy.  Now I still look forward to my See’s candy but along with my special tree I get my favorite sugar free chocolate as well.  I don’t always remember what was exactly left in the stockings, but I do remember laughing about the toothpaste and wondering how Santa knew where I went to get my hair done.  To me stocking stuffers can be as simple as everyday “necessities” but it is always nice to find an extra little something that you have been hoping for all year long.  Below I have listed some my favorite items to add a little extra excitement to anyones stocking.

  1. Hot Chocolate – Everyone loves hot chocolate.  This set is perfect because it has three different flavors.

  2. Coffee –  This Coffee is SOOOOOO good.
  3.  Mug – It doesn’t have to be a Christmas mug, but I thought this one was super cute.
  4.  Candy – From gummies, to chocolate to candy canes, you really can’t go wrong with candy in someones stocking, especially if it is from See’s.
  5.  Hand Lotion – I love this brand.  This set is perfect because they are small enough that you can keep them in your purse, car or nightstand.
  6.  Makeup – There are always nice sets that are released for the holidays that any beauty lover is sure to love.
  7.  Socks – These are so cute, warm and fuzzy.
  8. Portable Charger – These always come in handy.
  9. Candle – I love candles and the rose gold one is amazing.  I hope I find one in my stocking.  
  10.  Scarf – I have linked a men’s and women’s scarf below
  11.  Phone Case – You can never have too many phone cases!  I always like to find ones that are cute but have a positive message that I see every time I use my phone.
  12. Mini Foam Roller – These are good for anyone looking for a good stretch.  They make a great gift for someone who exercises regularly or someone who is looking to start exercising.  Trust me they will need it. 


  13. Blender Bottle with Protein Powder – These mini shakers are perfect to fit into a stocking.  You can also add some on the go packets of protein.
  14.  Jump Rope – This is a great way to get cardio in at home, on the go, or to bring to the gym.


  15. Protein Bars – Protein bars are a great way to get some protein in before or after a workout.  They are also a great alternative to a snack on the go.  Quest bars are one of my favorites.





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