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10 Things I Wish I knew Before Losing Weight

 There is so much that goes into losing weight. I wish it were just as simple as getting started and, just lose the weight.  For me, I have always struggled with my weight and at one point, a few years ago, I found myself weighing over 500 pounds.  I set a goal to lose over 300 pounds, and I thought all I have to do is lose weight and all of my problems will go away.  It is, just losing weight right? Well, it started off as just losing weight, and I quickly found myself becoming a slave to the scale, letting my own self-worth be determined by what the number was on the scale.  I found myself taking 2 steps forward and 10 steps back.  I thought losing weight was all about that…losing weight.  What I did not realize is how much more goes into it.  How it was so much more than just losing weight.  I came up with my top 10 tips that have been helpful for me on my journey and things that I wish I knew before I started my weight loss journey.  I want to share

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Recommendations for Getting Started, Being a Female in the Fitness World; a Q&A session with Helene one of my Basecamp Instructors

I met Helene about a year ago.  It was right when I joined Basecamp Fitness and I felt like I had an instant connection with her.  She has only shown me love and support.  We met at a time where I was recovering from my first skin removal surgeries and then taking time off to have more surgeries.  It was a lot of coming and going and me making a lot more modifications and taking things easy but none of this changed how Helene treated me. Never did she ever make me feel weak, that I should not be there or make me feel bad about all of my modifications.  I feel like it would have been so easy for me to take the time off from surgery, and come back and feel insecure and out of place.  Helene is great with helping me, pushing me and supporting me and for that, I am so grateful!!!Helene is not only serious body goals, but she is strong, loving and a great instructor.  She has her own fitness goals and pushes herself to the max to be the best she can be, but she also does

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True Beauty is Found Within Yourself || Gal Meets Glam Collection Launch

  I know I always say, losing weight is so much more than just losing weight.  I say it all the time because it is so true for me.  Losing over 300 pounds has taught me a lot about myself.  It has taught me not only healthy habits and how to live a healthier lifestyle, but it also taught me just that…that losing weight is so much more than just losing weight. When I was on my journey, I used to only focus on the number.  I used to be so obsessed with how much weight I lost, and how low the number was getting.  I depended on that number in order to determine my weight loss success and happiness. But what I did not realize, is that while I was transforming on the outside, a bigger transformation was happening on the inside.  A transformation that I would not fully learn or appreciate until I stopped depending on what that number said. I eventually realized that my weight loss journey was more than just about losing weight.  It changed from wanting to lose weight, to wanting to have a better relationship with my body,