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Weight Loss Questions Series 001 – Is food restriction/elimination necessary to lose weight?

I am so excited to begin this little “weight loss series” on my blog. I have asked you guys over on Instagram to let me know what the HARDEST part of losing weight was for you.The number of responses BLEW me away and it also gave me an idea. I want to make content and share information that YOU want to see and that will be helpful for you!!! That is how the idea for this series all began. I will be taking the challenges/struggles and areas of weight loss that you feel are super challenging and share what helps me, what I am doing to make it work for me and the ideas/tips I have. I hope that this information I share will hopefully be helpful to you!!! If you ever want to ask a question or share your challenges, comment down below and I will make sure to answer as many questions as I can!!! Each question will be a separate blog post so I can dive in, expand my responses and give as much information as possible! I am not by any means an expert, nutritionist, doctor or professional in any way. I am not going to be giving

Swollen arms and a crushed spirit

I have been sitting here looking at this blank screen for a while now, not quite sure where to begin. So, just like with my weight loss journey, I am just going to start at the beginning and take it one step at a time. Where the issue began So for over a year now I have been noticing my arms getting puffy, especially in my left hand. It looked very swollen. I honestly thought I injured myself but had no real pain so I didn’t think much of it. It kept getting worse and worse and I then started noticing my arms getting puffy. My weight was not changing at this point and nothing else in my body was changing, just my left hand and my forearms. As the year went on, it began to look like someone took a rubber band and placed it around my arms where they bend near my elbow. As time continued to pass, this “band” seemed to be getting tighter and tighter. Something did not feel right in my arms and my range of motion was also becoming limited. I was unable to straighten my arms completely and everything felt very tight. My physical


Is thinking about Thanksgiving Dinner Giving you Anxiety?

I cannot believe Thanksgiving 2019 is almost here. Thanksgiving just kinda crept up on me this year.  I went from Halloween to getting ready for Christmas. Thanksgiving is one of my favorite holidays, BUT it is also one that causes anxiety and stress.  I feel like so much is revolved around food and eating and eating until you are stuffed and going into “food coma”.  This holiday was always super hard for me.  When I was at the beginning of my weight loss journey I did not allow myself to eat “normal” Thanksgiving day foods.  I brought all of my own food and did my own thing, I would not even take one bite of anything that I did not bring with me.  I felt like that worked for me, but what I did not realize is that kind of restrictive eating was only adding to more issues down the road. A few years ago, I went the complete opposite way.  On Thanksgiving day I decided that I “deserved” to enjoy all of the Thanksgiving foods and that I was going to eat all day and eat whatever I wanted.  I stuffed my face like “you are supposed to” and ate

jacqueline adan after weight loss and then some weight gain

Weight Gain after Massive Weight Loss

Along my 300+ pound weight loss journey, there was something that I never thought would happen to me and that I never EVER thought I would ever have to talk about or address….Weight Gain. 2 words that I never wanted to say, never wanted to happen and especially never wanted to happen to me after I lost my weight. I knew the statistics and I know that a lot of people who have lost massive amounts of weight end up gaining weight back. I knew that. People told me that. I was very aware of that. But I told myself that it would never happen to me. Ever! So here I am, writing this post. A post I never thought I would be writing or needing to talk about. Well, yes, I lost over 300 pounds and I did end up gaining some weight back. This has been very hard to admit, hard to talk about and it has been very hard for me to deal with. I honestly have a very hard time talking about his without getting very emotional and actually crying. I am not here to make you feel sorry for me. I am not