Jacqueline’s Health and Fitness Gift Guide 2017


After losing over 350 pounds I have come up with items that have really helped me over the years and items that I think are perfect for anyone trying to lose weight, become healthier, or someone who is already into health and fitness or anyone who has been talking about becoming healthier this new year!  I am listing items I love, and that Kevin loves as well!  I also think giving the gift of gift cards to health and fitness stores, grocery stores, the gym, classes to try, etc would be very helpful to someone too!  When you are able to join someone on their journey it makes all the difference in the world so I think giving that gift and showing that you are there to help support someone who is maybe deciding to embark on a weight loss journey is a huge gift that will mean so much!  Below are some of my favorite items and I hope you can get some great ideas for others or even for yourself if you need gift ideas!!

 Kitchen Gadgets/Items


 Fitness/Recovery Gear







 Plus Workout Gear

Women’s Workout Gear

Men’s Workout Gear

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