Jacqueline’s Gift Guide for Him 2017


I love going shopping for other people.  I think especially for dads, boyfriends, brothers, etc it is fun to treat them to items that you like and think they will look good in!  I love shopping for Kevin and picking out items that I like that I know he will love but not necessarily pick or buy for himself!  I think I found some great items that I am definitely getting for the special men in my life, as well as showing you some items I have gifted in the past that everyone loves!!!  

1- Sweat Outfit



Kevin loves this outfit!  It is a nicer take on sweats and a sweatshirt and he looks so nice and put together when he wears it- and it is so simple and so comfortable, yet I think a little nicer looking too!

2- Shoes


3- Skin care 


If the men in you life are anything like mine, they have a hard time getting into a skin care routine.  I think this makes a great little gift that they might never get themselves.  Kevin and I love this brand that I am linking!  I even picked one of these up for Kevin this year… Shh don’t tell!  And its Mickey too..how cute!!

4- Tech Equipment 



5- Pull over


Kevin and my dad both love these!

6- Sunglasses


7- tie bar


A few years ago Kevin and I discovered The Tie Bar.  They have ties, bow ties, pocket squares…all for such an affordable price!  I love the gift sets they put together too!!

8- Fitbit or other Fitness Tracker



9- Stance Socks 




These are so fun!  Kevin saw the Tupac ones in store and we died!  They have classic pairs as well as some super fun ones too!  Great get idea and so fun!

10- Slippers


* Also I love getting tickets to his favorite sports team to see games, tickets to a concert, show, anything where it would be a fun “date night” or family fun day!  I love giving gifts like this too!! 

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