Feeling like Sweater Weather; Pink Blouson Sleeve Sweater Outfit

Happy Saturday!!  This week has been crazy…and fun…but mostly crazy.  Monday was a very exciting day!  I stayed home doing some exciting things (more details when I can tell you I promise). Then we rushed over to the gym to workout!  I was feeling super tired and drained after such a busy day, and did not feel like going to the gym.  However I felt so much better once we got there!  It’s so funny how working out actually makes me feel better now, and I do not dread it as much as I used to (although yes there are days that I totally do not want to go). The rest of the week felt like a whirlwind.  My days were so thrown off and I was always a day ahead, which is not good.  I don’t think the time change helped with it being pitch dark at 5:00pm.  Since we had no time to meal prep or really go grocery shopping this weekend, coming up with meals or going to the grocery store after the gym was hard and rushed, since Kevin and I are both starving after the gym and ready to eat.  I kept telling myself that some days are like this and its ok.  We made it work and stuck to our goals and on plan so that is what mattered anyway.  I also met with my surgeon again and he checked on me to see how I was healing.  We also discussed my next surgery, which is going to be coming up before I know it.  Kevin and I also took a cooking class with my parents and managed to workout everyday as well.  I am SO happy that it is Friday!  I am also so happy that we are finally starting to get some fall like weather!!  I have had this pink sweater for what feels like forever and have not had a chance to wear it.  But when I checked the weather for today and it was going to be cold (for CA) I knew it was time to pull it out and wear it!  I am in love with it!!  I am also wearing some new jeans, and guys…I actually found another brand and style that works for my legs!!!  They fit perfectly!!!  Today is a good day for sure!  When you feel good, it reflects what you feel on the inside and brings it out!  And today I am feeling good!  What do you guys have planned for this weekend?  Sending you guys lots of love!!!

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