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Happy Friday!!! It feels like the weeks are just flying by (I say that on Friday though haha) This week, it was back to a pretty normal week for me.  Not so crazy like it has been for the past few weeks, but still really busy.  The weather is finally starting to get chilly, which is my favorite time of the year.  The leaves start changing colors, the nights are chilly and you can snuggle up in a big comfy robe and under lots of blankets while listening to Christmas music…ok maybe a little too early for the Christmas music!  If you didn’t know, Kevin and I are teachers by day and bakers by night.  We had a huge cookie order for today and it has kept us really busy this week after work.  We were able to workout Monday – Thursday and then it was right into the kitchen to bake.  The cookies came out so cute so it was so worth all the long hours and lack of sleep.  


ALSO my first Dietbet began on Thursday!  I am so excited to be hosting my first game and I am so excited and happy to get to know everyone on a more personal level and interact with everyone!!  There is still time to join if anyone wants to still sign up!  You have to hurry though because sign ups end soon!! More info on 



This week I also finalized my event that I am hosting with Basecamp Fitness!  If you are local and in the Bay Area I would LOVE to meet you!! The event is free and you will get to workout with me, Kevin and many others!  AND I will get to hug you!!! I am so honored to be working out at such an amazing gym and be surrounded by so many supportive people everyday and I want to not only meet you, but surround you with all of their love and support as well as all of my love and support!! I hope you never feel alone and if you are having a bad day or a hard time please reach out to someone, or me and let them know!!  I just want this event to be a time where we can all meet people in our area and create a support system!!!  Email me your name, email, phone number and height  if you would like to attend.  My email is  Space is limited so hurry hurry!  For everyone who has already signed up, I cannot wait to meet you!!!  


This weekend should be pretty chill, which sounds so nice!  We will probably start getting stuff ready for Thanksgiving and prepping for that…but I already see a nap and maybe some binge watching of Netflix shows while I snuggle up in bed in my future.  


I also wanted to share this outfit that I am wearing with you guys!  It is another perfect casual Friday outfit, but still very put together and I think super cute.  I am wearing my new favorite brand of jeans along with a super cute graphic tee and than threw on a classy black blazer which has cute bell sleeves.  Also I found these super cute black heels a few weekends ago for the event I was doing and I thought they were perfect to finish off this look.  I found that heels still really hurt my feet because of the amount of weight I still carry in my legs, so I have found that block heels that are not too high are perfect.  They are super comfy and still look super classy, especially with jeans.  I am obsessed with graphic tees so I have listed a few of my favorite ones down below.  They can be super casual with a pair of leggings, or jeans and just throw on some heels and a blazer for a more dressed up look.  Like always I am listing everything below as well as plus size options too!!


I hope you all have a great weekend! Let me know what your plans are for this weekend to for Thanksgiving!!!  






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Plus Blazer

Graphic Tee Love this one…Need to get it! 

Graphic Tee 2

Plus Graphic Tee


Plus Jeans



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