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12 Days of Blogmas. On the Twelfth Day of Blogmas.

Day 12 – Christmas Eve, Baking cookies for Santa. One of my new favorite Christmas Traditions is baking cookies with my two cousins for Santa.  Every year we bake and decorate sugar cookies as well as one other flavor that they pick.  We make whatever flavor they choose together from scratch, this year they chose snickerdoodle.  Kevin does a lot of the work while I get messy and have fun with the boys and my sister is usually taking pictures and laughing as we fool around and get flour everywhere.  I love watching the boys faces as the mixer brings the cookie dough together.   They always get to take a tiny taste before its baked and somehow there always ends up being more M&Ms or chocolate chips that make in into their mouth than into the bowl.  Once the cookies are all baked we of course need to taste them to make sure that they are up to Santa’s standards.  Making cookies is a tradition that all of us hold near and dear to our hearts and look forward to around Christmas time.   A few weeks ago I was reminded by my 8 year old cousin that

12 Days of Blogmas. On the Eleventh Day of Blogmas.

Day 11 – My Top 8 Tips for Getting Started With Exercise I get so many questions about what my workouts were like when I first started my weightless journey!  Being over 500 pounds it was a physical struggle to really do anything. So I just walked.  I started with 5 minutes everyday which turned into 10 minutes and then 20 minutes.  Before I knew it, I was doing workout videos at home.  To be honest, I hated it!  Moving my body hurt and it was very hard to do.  I never let that stop me or make me give up.  I pushed myself and made working out a priority.  We all have excuses as to why we feel we can’t workout.  Reality is that the only thing stopping us is…us.  You CAN do it!  You just need to believe in yourself and give it your best shot.  Push yourself out of your comfort zone.  Nothing will change unless you are willing to throw out the excuses and try.  Create new habits by making exercise a part of your everyday routine.  It will get easier I promise, and the pain you may feel now will soon be filled with so much pride in

12 Days of Blogmas. On the Tenth Day of Blogmas.

Day 10 – 3 Healthier Hot Chocolate Recipes Winter time is my favorite time of year to enjoy hot drinks, especially hot chocolate!  There is nothing more comforting than snuggling up with a nice hot cup of cocoa when it is chilly outside.  Being from California, it doesn’t get super chilly but for those few days when it is a little cold I love to make these drinks.  Today I thought I would share a regular recipe along with two other flavors that are perfect for this time of year.  These recipes are a “healthier” take on hot chocolate.  These recipes can definitely be altered to make them sweeter, more chocolatey, using the milk of your choice, or even using a different sweetener.  For all of you coffee lovers, you can definitely add coffee to any of these recipes.  So turn on your fireplace, and get your snuggly blanket ready because we are about to make some warm chocolatey goodness.     1. Original Hot Chocolate  INGREDIENTS 1 cup of Non fat milk 1 Tbsp unsweetened cocoa powder 1-2 Tbsp Stevia  marshmallows (optional)    INSTRUCTIONS 1. Bring milk to a simmer in a small sauce pan 2. After milk starts to bubble at the edge whisk in cocoa powder and stevia until everything

12 Days of Blogmas. On the Ninth Day of Blogmas.

Day 9 – Christmas Question and Answer I thought it would be fun to do a little holiday Q&A for you to get to know me and my love for Christmas!  I will leave a blank set of questions below in the comments and I would love for you to fill it out and share your answers and don’t forget to tag me, I would love to see!  1. What is your favorite thing about Christmas? Everything! the lights, sounds, smells, shopping, wrapping, decorating, movies, music, baking…I LOVE it all! 2. Favorite Christmas song. Away In A Manger3. Favorite Christmas movie. Elf4. Favorite Christmas CD or Album.  You can never go wrong with the N’Sync Holiday Album, but I also love the Panatonix Christmas albums5. Favorite Christmas Memory. Getting engaged in front of the Disneyland Castle on Christmas Eve.6. Favorite Tradition. Getting dressed up to go to church on Christmas Eve and coming home to have spaghetti and meatballs for dinner. 7. Favorite New Tradition. Baking cookies for Santa with my two little cousins.8. Do you open presents Christmas Eve or Christmas Day?  Kevin and I