Lipedema Surgery Update, Surgery is just around the corner!

Jacqueline Adan Lipedema surgery

For those of you who don’t know, I have been diagnosed with lipedema and I am getting ready to have my first surgery.  If you want to read more about getting this diagnosis, click HERE.

What is lipedema?

Lipedema is when fat is distributed in an irregular way beneath the skin.  As the condition progresses, fat continues to build up and your body becomes heavier and heavier.  Over time fat cells block the lymphatic system and cause fluid build-up.

My symptoms 

I have been struggling with fluid retention, swelling, and mostly leg pain but also hip, arm, and back pain.  My body feels very heavy and sluggish.  My legs are very hard and firm and I have some cuffing at my ankles.  I have some banding around my arms at the elbow.  If I don’t keep this area at my elbows dry it can cause the skin to split open.  This happens because the skin is not strong healthy skin because of the constant moisture in the area.  It is painful to walk, I feel shortness of breath and my body does not feel right.  I have been overweight all of my life and always knew something this time felt different.  This did not feel like normal weight gain.  **disclaimer I have gained weight since I was at my lowest weight and I take full responsibility for that however it is impossible to know how much is from the lipedema and how much is just weight gain.**

How does surgery help?

The surgery for lipedema is a special kind of liposuction where they will go in and break up the fat cells and remove fat and fluid build-up.  

Is surgery the only way to help?

Unfortunately with lipedema, even with surgery,  it never really goes away.  Also fun fact, you are born with lipedema and hormonal changes can add to it flaring up.  Compression garments, massages, vibration plate, dry brushing, red light therapy, rebounding, and being mindful to keep a steady, healthy weight are key for helping lipedema. My lipedema is pretty severe so surgery is the only thing that will really help break up the banding and get my lymphatics moving properly

Direct links to some of the items that I have been using to help me with fluid retention and recovery.

Dry brush set


Red light therapy 

Vibration Plate

Compression Massage System 

My surgery!!!!

I will be having surgery on Tuesday, August 23, 2022!  It’s coming up so quickly!  Ahhh!! I will be having surgery on the front part ONLY of both legs.  I heard recovery is painful, and I am not 100% sure how long recovery will be.  It all depends on how intense the surgery is and how my body responds.

Will I need more surgeries?

Yes.  My lipedema, unfortunately, has spread throughout my body.  So I will at least need one more on my legs (the back of my legs).  My arms, and another surgery for hips, butt, and back.  This is definitely an uphill battle (even my surgeon said, we are going to become good friends with the amount of time we will be spending together) and it’s definitely not going to be a quick, easy fix.  But I am excited to finally get some help, hopefully, some relief, and to be moving in the right direction.

Does Insurance cover this surgery?

I’m going to keep this short and sweet.  Our healthcare in the USA is a total JOKE and a NIGHTMARE.  As of now, most insurance companies simply deny coverage and people go away accepting that answer.  I would make sure to talk to your doctor, or surgeon, document everything, and FIGHT IT!!!!!  It’s absolutely ridiculous that surgery to help lipedema is being denied by insurance companies, but hopefully one day it will be a covered benefit that doesn’t require a huge fight with tons of documentation that individuals need to do on their own.

How can you help?

I cannot thank you enough for the love, support, and encouragement you have shown me throughout my entire journey.  This has been a very hard last few years.  When I saw so many messages and comments asking how you can support me, it brought me to tears, so thank you!!!  I definitely see your messages and comments about this and it does not go unnoticed.  I do have a membership where we can be text Accountability BFFS and I text out motivation, quotes, updates, and check-ins.  TEXT ME We also have the ability to talk one on one. 

Another way to support me is through affiliate links where I make a percentage when you use my link to purchase an item.  When you are using these affiliate links your cost stays the same and I make a commission for referring you to the purchase site.  I also have designed some shirts, stickers, and mugs that I am SO excited to announce which will also be launching soon.  All of these are ways to directly support me and my page.  This money goes towards helping me pay for surgery.  Besides that, just sending good thoughts, love, and continuing to be your amazing self as I embark on the new journey truly means so much to me.  So thank you.  

I will be updating you as we get closer to surgery, on surgery day, and sharing my full recovery process.  If you have any questions, please let me know down below.

Sending you lots of love 




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  • Thank you for sharing this journey! I have suspected that I have lipedema and am really not sure what kind of doctor can diagnosis it. I’ve heard a vascular doctor so I will probably try that. I had WLS in March, and am losing extremely slow, which would make sense with lipedema. That fat isn’t going anywhere with just eating a little food. This fight to get better scares me but I have to do it! I wish you all the best!

    Michelle 18.08.2022
  • Sending Love and healing thoughts for your future success on your surgery ❤❤

    Joyce 19.08.2022

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