Holidays at Disneyland 2019, My Holiday Treats Review.

There is nothing quite like the Holidays at Disneyland. The decorations, sights, smells….treats. It ‘s just all too much for my heart to take. If you want to see me at my happiest, take me to Disneyland at Christmas time. It is pure joy and happiness for me.

I know I shared a little bit about WHY Disneyland is so special to me and why it is such a huge part of my journey and who I am today. If you want to read that post you can click HERE.  I also shared my thoughts about the Halloween treats from the parks that post can be found HERE.

For me, Christmas time in Disneyland is more than just the magical lights that light-up Sleeping Beauty Castle. It is more than the snow that falls on Main Street or the peppermint treats that are everywhere…Christmas at Disneyland is extra special to me because it is the time where I finally felt my life falling into place.  I had “my moment” in Disneyland where I decided to embark on my weight loss journey, but I also had another huge event happen in the park on Christmas Eve a few years later.

On Christmas Eve 2013 Kevin proposed to me in front of the castle. I was overwhelmed with so many emotions. Only 2 years before, I was at my lowest point ever, and here I was 2 years later and I felt like the happiest girl in the world. So, there really is magic at Disneyland, especially during Christmas Time.  So now lets fast forward Christmas 2019. My family decided to go spend Chrismas in Disneyland and my cousins and their kids came. My heart was sooooo happy.

While I am recovering from an eating disorder and still trying to lose weight, traveling is always hard for me. Especially when Disneyland has chocolate peppermint treats around every corner…and I am obsessed with anything chocolate and peppermint.

I knew I did not want to and eat everything. Mentally I know that is not good for me, nor will that help with my recovery reach my weight loss goals. I also knew I wanted to go and not stress about food and just enjoy my trip. Part of my recovery is allowing myself to enjoy a vacation without the stress of food or the guilt or shame that can come from “eating off-plan”. I went into this trip with the mindset of, if I want something I will have it. I will share it, have a bite, be ok with it and move on. That is exactly what I did. I think that mindset has really been working for me. I am not going into it saying I am going to eat everything, and I am not going into it saying I cannot eat anything. If I want something, I will have it and move on. Such a simple concept but something especially hard for me…but so helpful at the same time.

I know the holidays have passed, but I still wanted to share some of the treats we got and tried that were only around for the holidays. I know that many of these items will return for next year and some come back at different times for events going on in the parks. Keep reading to see my thoughts and ratings. For me, I am also learning that I do not have to finish something or eat it just because I got it if I do not like it. I will let you know if I liked the item, if I thought it was worth it and if I would get it again.

These are just my opinions and want to share with you if you find yourself in the Happiest Place on Earth around the Holidays and want to know what I thought about these treats in particular. These reviews and ratings are not listed in any particular order. This is not a paid or sponsored post, we bought and purchased all of the items with our own money and the thoughts and feelings are genuine and my own or the people that I traveled with.

Santa Hat Macaron

Jolly Holliday Bakery – Main Street U.S.A. – Disneyland

8/10 Mickeys

Mickey Mouse Rating 8 of 10

This macaron was good. It was filled with a chocolate ganache and a peppermint cream inside. It was really good. The only complaint I had was that it had a very strong flavor of peppermint. I wish the peppermint flavor was just a little less strong, and trust me I love peppermint but it was a little overpowering. Still amazing, but if you do not LOVE peppermint it might be a bit much.

Snowman Shortbread cookie

Jolly Holliday Bakery – Main Street U.S.A. – Disneyland

5/10 Mickeys

Mickey Mouse Rating 5 of 10

I like this cookie. But this cookie is not my choice and I only had a tiny bite. This cookie is my dad’s FAVORITE cookie so he got it and loves it so I thought I should include it. It is delicious. I only ranked it in the middle because there are so many other treats I would pick and get over this one. But it is good. If you are a fan of shortbread cookies I am sure you will love this one. My dad gives this a 10/10

Disneyland Hot Chocolate (NOT from Starbucks)

Various locations throughout the parks

10/10 Mickeys

Ok so this is not just a holiday treat but I thought it is absolutely worth mentioning. Disneyland has the best hot chocolate…ever! I do not know what they do or what they put in it, but it’s magical. They do not use milk and use water instead which might not sound that good but OMG. Trust me on this one.  Skip the Starbucks line and get one on Main Street from Coke Corner. They also have the cutest travel mugs too. (tip- if you add coffee and make it a mocha it’s amazing. Or if you have a candy cane and drop it in…let it melt…and…thank me later)

Mickey Gingerbread Man Cookie

Various locations throughout the parks

10/10 Mickeys

I think this had to be my favorite holiday treat from this trip. This cookie is SO good. Try it. Worth it. I would definitely get it again. YUM! Not much else to say about it but it’s delicious. It is big so I got one and ate a little bit each night for 2 nights…or you can share with others haha or not, up to you!

Candy Cane Beignets

Mint Julep Bar – New Orleans Square, Disneyland

10/10 Mickeys

Amazing. Delicious. Don’t know what else to say. The Beignets at Disneyland are always a favorite treat of mine, but these peppermint ones take it to a whole new level. They are warm, soft and covered in crushed candy cane and powdered sugar. You can also get chocolate dipping sauce on the side. I loved it with and without the chocolate. SO worth it. They do come in packs of 3 or 6 and having one was a perfect treat for me and to share with my family. They are very messy so beware if you are wearing dark colors…you will get “snowed” on. Also, make sure to eat them right away when they are still nice and warm.  There is nothing quite like a fresh beignet in Disneyland!

Peppermint Churro

Curro Cart Near Redwood Creek Challenge Trail, Grizzly Flats, California Adventure Park

7/10 Mickeys

Mickey Mouse Rating 7 of 10

This churro was good, but I do not think I would get it again. I don’t think it had enough peppermint and the chocolate drizzle was overpowering, super sticky and messy. It was good, but next time I would skip on this one. My little cousin LOVED it though. I only took 2 bites and gave the rest of mine to Kevin. He said it was good, but nothing special.

Churro Milkshake

SCHMOOZIES! – Hollywood Land, California Adventure

9/10 Mickeys

Mickey Mouse Rating 9 of 10




Peppermint Milkshake

SCHMOOZIES! – Hollywood Land, California Adventure

10/10 Mickeys

Ok, let me start by saying it was FREEZING the night we got these milkshakes and that did not stop us from enjoying them. These milkshakes were so good. So so good. My family liked both about the same and would get both again…I would get both again but the chocolate peppermint one was just slightly better to me. Again they are big and you can share them. But ya these are totally worth it. I recommend trying them.  Schmoozies totally redeemed themselves after my no so great experience with the Halloween mint chocolate Minnie shake.

Santa’s Cookies and Milk Churro

Churros near Casey Jr. Train, Fantasyland, Disneyland

8/10 Mickeys

Mickey Mouse Rating 8 of 10

This churro was amazing. It tasted like a regular churro, which you can never go wrong with, but had a slight vanilla taste to it as well. The sugar was supposed to taste like chocolate chip cookies and cookies and cream.  The dipping sauce is what made it for me. It tasted like frosting with sprinkles. My litte cousin did not even want the churro and was eating the dipping sauce by itself.  I would say this churro is worth getting and I would get it again.

Festive Holiday Sugar cookies

Various Candy Shops Throughout both parks and Downtown Disney

7/10 Mickeys

Mickey Mouse Rating 7 of 10

Disneyland makes a good sugar cookie. My dad wanted an Olaf one and Kevin wanted a Mickey shaped one. So we got both and shared them. The cookie is very soft and fresh and the frosting has a taste of white chocolate and is just a good cookie. I will not pick this as a treat for myself, but I will take a pice of someone else’s and love it.  As for me, again, this not a treat I would go and pick for myself but it is soooo good.

For this trip there were 9 of us, so getting a lot of different treats to try and share made it nice. I think mentality that helped me not go all in or all out and I actually enjoyed my trip without stressing about what I was eating. I also didn’t deprive myself and not allowing myself to enjoy anything.  If you find yourself in Disneyland I hope you can find some treats and enjoy the magic.

Let me know down below what your favorite holiday treat at Disneyland is or what you are excited to try.

Never stop believing in the magic

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