My picks for the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale 2018

nordstrom anniversary sale 2018

The Nordstrom Anniversary Sale is here and is now open for everyone!! YAY! I was able to shop the early access sale and let me just say, I found a lot of great items. If you do not know about this sale, it is a time where Nordstrom comes out with NEW items for the fall and discounts the price. So everything is on major sale AND it is all new and upcoming pieces, not old things they are trying to get rid of.

I know with this sale comes a lot of hype and I am sure you have seen so many bloggers and so many Instagram posts about this sale…but its just that good!! I wanted to share with you how I shop this sale, why I shop this sale, and what worked for me in the past, and what I am loving and picking up for myself now.

Like always I will share some amazing plus size options from this sale too. I got you, girl!

Before we get started with my top picks from this sale, just know that things sell out quickly. So if you see something you like do not hesitate to purchase it, remember you can always return it, if you decide it is something you don’t want to keep. (Nordstrom has the best customer service and returns policy) Don’t be like me and hold off and then try to get it later only to find it is all sold out and you cry yourself to sleep. (JK) But I know I get so upset if I had my eye on something and then poof its gone.  Also, make sure to keep checking back in store and online because items do sometimes get restocked!  I will keep my eyes out for items I talk about and try to share with you if it restocks!!

So for me, I use this sale as a time to restock my wardrobe. What I mean by that is I like to stock up oil the basics. After losing over 300 pounds, my wardrobe was…lacking a lot of items.  I did not want to go crazy and buy everything in sight, but really wanted to invest in pieces that I could pretty much wear with everything. Last year I treated myself to my first real winter coat and I was so excited!  I also love this sale to shop for new workout gear. My favorite leggings always go on sale, and I love checking out the new workout shoes (style 1 & style 2) (and I went crazy in this department this year.) I think new workout items are so fun and help keep you motivated to reach your goals, especially with new and super cute items to wear to the gym.

I also like to use this time to treat myself to new items, such as a new purse or shoes. (style 1  & style 2)  These items may be something I don’t necessarily NEED but make a perfect treat. Trust me I am a baller on a really tight budget so I understand that it is not always realistic to treat yourself to high end or designer items all the time, or any time for that matter!  If I do feel like treating myself to new items like shoes and clothing, etc this sale is the perfect time to shop. Using treat items like these as rewards along my journey really helped me reach my goals and motivate me to keep losing weight and getting smaller sizes in items. This sale was always the perfect time to do just that.


Let’s  jump right in to My TOP picks for the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale 2018




These items are things that I am loving from The Nordstrom Anniversary Sale. They are items I either already have, brands I love, things I have my eye on, or items I have already bought. I think they are all great staple pieces, some trendy items, and definitely in a good reasonable price point for “treats”. Of course, you can splurge and get designer items, but realistically for me, these items are just as good and won’t break the bank. I hope you enjoy these picks and please comment and let me know what you picked up from this sale. I will share a haul of everything I personally picked up on my youtube channel so make sure you are subscribed to that and be on the lookout for the items I got this year from this amazing Nordstrom Sale!





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