My Favorite Shoes for Summer! Styles and Types of Shoes that Help me Feel Comfortable and Confident.

Summer Shoes

Summer ShoesTo say I have a love for shoes is an understatement. When I was a little girl, my sister and I used to get a treat when we were good at the doctor when we had to get a shot, or just about anytime we were with our dad (love you, Dad). My sister was usually all over the place with what she wanted. But I knew every time what I wanted to get. Ever since I can remember, when I would go out and get a treat, I would want to go to Nordstrom and pick out a new pair of shoes. Yes even when I was like 3 years old this is what I would want. So it is safe to say, shoes have always had a special place in my heart.

While I was on my weight loss journey, shoes also played an important part. But let’s backtrack again for a little more. As I found myself gaining weight, I found myself needing to get new shoes. When I was at my heaviest of over 500 pounds, my shoe size was a 9 1/2. I had to keep getting new shoes since my feet were also getting bigger and bigger. Something many people may not know about weight gain is that yes it affects your feet too. This was hard for me since a lot of shoes stopped fitting, and it was hard finding shoes that fit my overweight feet. So once I began losing weight, that included losing weight in my feet as well.

My shoe size is now around a 6 1/2. Yes, you head that right. My shoe size went down 3 FULL sizes while I was on my weight loss journey. Now, I find myself back in the same place I started..needing new shoes.  It is still hard to find shoes that fit my feet and my body right now.  I tried to hold off on buying a lot of new shoes while I was still losing weight since my feet were ever changing.  Now that I am pretty comfortable that my shoe size will not be changing anymore, I have definitely treated myself to some new summer shoes.

I did not want to share my new shoes just to show you my new shoes, but to really talk about why I picked the shoes I have.  There is still A LOT of loose skin on my legs, and that loose skin hangs all the way down to my ankles. Yes, I did have part one of the skin removal process, but that did not remove the skin, it removed some of the weight that I still carried on them.  With a lot of loose skin around my ankle, weak ankles and balance issues…that pretty much takes a lot of shoes out of the running.

Shoes with straps that would go around the ankle, high heels, or even shoes that are more narrow cut or boots that go up the ankle, just do not work for me right now. I know a lot of people can relate to this. Even though I have lost over 350 pounds, I still need to make some adjustments to my body with things not quite fitting yet, and I am ok with that.

Kitten Heels

I find that kitten heels work so well for me. They are not high heels, but they still make me feel elegant and give somewhat of the same effect. I love this nude pair since it goes with everything and this silver pair I feel looks great with jeans but still keeps it classy! Kitten heels are so much easier for me, especially with holding up all the weight on my legs, and are easy to walk in. I also picked up this fun colored pair, which is perfect for that pop of color and is just perfect for summer!



Spring Style Floral Print


Chunky Mules

Chunky mules that you can slide on your feet are easier for me since I do not need to worry about straps or worry about my ankle not fitting into them. They are super easy to just slide on and go. I love these mules because they are a great height and a super cute color but they are not too high so it doesn’t give my ankles any pain. Also because it is a block heel, it makes me feel more sturdy to walk and gives me balance while giving me some extra height, because being 5’2…girl do I need it!


I think flats are my favorite right now. They are also on trend now which is so amazing and I feel like there are so many different options to choose from. I love this sparkly pair because it is like me in a shoe. The pointy toe keeps it really edgy and classic and the sparkly detail keeps it so fun. Flats are always an easy go-to for me and I am loving them right now!!!Best-accessory-confidence-red-jumpsuit


I have always been a sandal girl. Living in California and being 20 minutes from the beach my whole life, sandals are a must for me. I love classic flip flops but I also just love sandals that you can slip on and go. This white pair is my favorite!!! It is so comfy but I feel is a little dressier than a classic flip-flop. I also love how there are no straps so its perfect for my feet and ankles. They have so many colors and designs of cute sandals and I feel they can go with everything!!! Super cute and comfy!


Sneakers are so on trend and I love it. There is literally every kind of sneaker out there and I own way too many. I am sharing these glittery ones with you guys because I cannot stop wearing them. They are perfect with jeans and a tee and can even be worn with a dress. If you cant tell I love anything with glitter and that is shiny so these are perfect for me. For something more classic, these black slip-on shoes are one of my go tos and I wear them all the time!!! Another pair of slip-on sneakers that I’m loving right now are these pink ones. They are perfect for summer You also can’t go wrong with a classic pair of Adidas and I literally wear them with every kind of outfit!!!

Good Vibes Rainbow Sweatshirt



I love Espadrilles. I love how they have the rope details along with fun patterns and colors.  These shoes elevate the whole sandal game as well. I love picking fun patterns and designs to fit the weather perfectly.  I also love keeping it basic and finding something that can go with everything. Espadrilles are easy to make work for my feet, especially flats. They do make wedges and other kinds that have no straps around the ankle that work great for me too. I think these are a fun way to keep a look casual and add a little fun element in. These totally remind me of vacation and I love it! These lemon ones are def my favorite!!!

Soludos Lemon Espadrille

So there you have it. My favorite shoes for summer and WHY I am loving them right now. We all have certain parts of our body that we feel are hard to dress.  We all struggle to find things that fit and flatter our shape/size.  A lot of people don’t realize how much our feet and ankles play a role in that too. But no matter what body shape, size or what you are going through with your own body, we all deserve to feel confident and beautiful in the body we have right now.  Even if we are still working on feeling confident and beautiful doesn’t mean that we don’t deserve to feel that way.

Summer Shoes

I hope you find these suggestions helpful and next time you are looking for the perfect pair of shoes.  My hope is that if you are having a hard time finding something that flatters you…keep these suggestions in mind! Go treat yourself to a new pair of shoes right now! Go! Now!

Let me know in the comments which pair of shoes is your favorite or if you have any other favorite shoes you would like to share with me. Like I said, my love for shoes runs deep and I am always on the lookout for a new favorite pair!

Keep moving forward, keep those feet walking in the right direction and stay true to who you are and on your own path. So smile, put those dancing shoes on and keep on moving toward your goals!!!


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