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Update on All Things Swelling, Fluid, Skin Graft, and Compression Related. How am I Really Doing With all of this?

If you have been around here for a while, then you would have witnessed firsthand just how complicated my journey has been so far. Not to mention how in the last year, things have been a lot to handle. Especially with my body, weight gain, swelling, wounds, surgery, and compression, it has been a lot to handle.  I am looking forward to sharing this recovery update with you. If you are new around here, welcome, and I am so glad you are here. I will give you a quick backstory before I just jump right into how I am doing right now and a recovery update on how things are healing and how I’m doing.A little about me I have lost over 350 pounds by changing my diet and exercising and I am in the process of having excess skin removal surgery. I most recently had skin removal part 1 on my legs and had some complications. These complications resulted in my legs, and body being more swollen and retaining lots of fluid- which is still causing some issues today. I have recently been diagnosed with a binge eating disorder and I am dealing with some weight gain. I am

Pepperoni Pizza with WW 2 Ingredient Dough – Recipe

When I tried this Pepperoni Pizza recipe, I knew I had to share because I was in love. Making Pepperoni Pizza using WW 2- ingredient dough is SO good. I felt like it tasted like restaurant-style pizza and I have honestly made this so many times. I was skeptical of this dough at first, but it is now something I find myself making weekly.  This Pepperoni Pizza was the first thing I tried with this dough, and I’m hooked. You can add other toppings, veggies, more or less cheese and really make this pizza cater to your favorite style of pizza.  For the first pizza, I made with this dough, I just wanted to try a classic pepperoni pizza. Remember, the toppings, the amount, and brand you use might alter the points so just keep that in mind. I made this pizza with a side salad and it was the perfect combo. It’s never about calling foods “bad” or eliminating them from our lives even if we are on a weight-loss journey. It’s about enjoying your favorite foods, finding new ways and recipes to enjoy your favorite foods.  If you are eating something you should actually be enjoying what you

WW 2 Ingredient Dough

WW 2 Ingredient Dough Recipe

2 Ingredient dough? Ever since starting WW I have loved trying and creating new recipes.  I have to say, when I saw this WW recipe, I thought there is no way this can be good or ACTUALLY taste like pizza dough. Guys…..I WAS WRONG!!!  I finally gave in and tried it, and I have to admit, the only thing I was upset about was that I didn’t try this sooner. After deciding to try this dough just as it is,  I also made the same dough and added spices (I added 1 Tbsp of Italian seasoning to the dough and mixed it in). Both ways made an amazing tasting, amazing consistency dough.I WILL be making this again (soon and often) I am definitely going to be using this to try different pizza recipes, pies, calzones….anything!  The Italian seasoning added some extra flavor to the pizza that I loved. So while I do not think you have to, I will be adding some Italian seasoning to this dough when I make pizza. I will say if you eat the dough alone, in my opinion, it does have a slightly sour taste of the yogurt, but it didn’t bother me. I had my

Strawberry Mickey Waffles at Home

Disneyland Main Street Mickey Waffles at Home

Ever since joining WW, I have been cooking so much more. I have been trying new foods, making my favorite foods, and just overall enjoying food again! But I am all about making food and recipes easy. There are times I do like to try out more complicated recipes, but this is not one of those times and this is definitely not one of those recipes. One of my favorite things in the whole world is ordering Mickey Waffles from Carnation Cafe on Main Street in Disneyland, watching the people go by, listening to the magical music, and enjoying my favorite breakfast. Normally I make at least one trip around Christmas time (if not on Christmas) and enjoy these amazing waffles.Before I started my WW journey if I was not in Disneyland, I did not “allow” myself to have waffles. But those days of not “allowing” myself to have certain foods are long gone! As I said, my relationship with food is changing, I am eating more foods I enjoy.  I am changing and finding ways to still enjoy the magic of Disneyland from home.  Since we are still in a pandemic, Disneyland is closed and we are all