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2020 Sephora Spring Savings Event; Favorites and Purchases

The Sephora Spring Savings Event is officially here for beauty insiders and I could not be more excited.  I am running very low on some of my everyday items as well as some favorites so this is the perfect time to stock up on some favorites, skincare items that can be pricy or try something new. If you are not a beauty insider, make sure you sign up here so that you can get access to this amazing sale. After you are Beauty Insider here are the dates and the discount that you get when you shop. Rouge- 20% off from April 17-May 1 VIB-15% off April 21 – April 29 Insider- 10% off April 23 – April 27 Make Sure to Use code- SPRINGSAVE to get your percentage off. I thought it would be fun to share with you the items I picked up from the sale as well as let you guys know what some of my favorite items are.  So without further ado here are my Sephora 2020 Spring Savings Event Top Choices. 2020 Sephora Spring Savings Event Top Choices Foundations and CC Creams

Update Regarding Swelling in My Arms, Surgery Options and My Plan Moving Forward

At the beginning of March, I met with a new surgeon to get his opinion as to what is going on with my arms and the banding and what he thinks we need to do in terms of surgery. If you have no idea what I am talking about I have a whole blog talking specifically about what is going on, click HERE to read more about what is going on with my arms and my first trip to see a specialist about surgery to help my arms. I have met with my regular surgeon Dr. Beck, who is amazing and he did give me in his opinion what was going on and all about the surgery he can do, but we both thought it would be a good idea to have me see another specialist and see if they have other ideas or suggestions to try. What are my arms like currently? I am still having a lot of swelling in my arms. Some days have been better than others and I do have an area on my right arm that is splitting open. I feel like ever since I have finally received some help with this wound and have been

Jacqueline wearing a mask

Tips and Tricks to Feeling Better About Yourself as You Practice Social Distancing and Shelter in Place during COVID-19.

Life is a bit different right now while we shelter in place and practice social distancing during the outbreak of COVID-19.  The world is a bit different right now. For me, it has been a challenging last couple of weeks in self quarantine. I find myself having a lot of anxiety, eating more than I “should”, my sleep patterns are off and I am not going to sleep until like 4 am and even then, still cannot seem to have a good nights sleep and wake up several times during the night. When I do eventually get out of bed I find myself crying a lot, feeling overwhelmed and anxious, scared and very sad. To say some days are better than others is an understatement. But the truth is…some days, even moments are better than others. It took me a few weeks to get used to this self-isolation and being quarantined situation, and finally, I feel like I somewhat have a better plan in place where I do feel like I am in more control. The first thing I had to do was let go of the fact that I was not in control, and what was happening around me was

Traveling To Ohio For The Dedication and Grand Opening of the Big Lots Behavioral Health Pavilion at Nation Wide Children’s Hospital.

We are going to OHIO! At the end of February, I had the opportunity to travel to Columbus, Ohio to be a part of a very special event. I was asked to be a part of the dedication for the new Big Lots Behavioral Health Pavilion at Nation Wide Children’s Hospital.  Being invited to such a big event, such a special day and to be a part of something that means so much to me, mental health, was an honor and a privilege. I could not be more proud to have been included in this day. I remember sitting on the plane, and just thinking all about mental health, the importance of mental health.  I couldn’t stop thinking about how there is such a stigma around mental health, all of the children who are struggling and suffering and not being heard, not feeling important or having their feelings be valid. I felt so much sadness. I also felt so much anger. Thinking back to my own journey, I remember when I was a child how much I was made fun of, picked on, how I struggled with my own weight, self-worth, and body image. I had such a hard time loving